Careers in the BPO Industry

Sunday, August 03, 2014

Business process outsourcing or BPO involves contracting business functions to a third party service provider. It is a subset of outsourcing which focuses on engaging a third party service provider or company to do Information Technology (IT) related activites.
BPO helps increase company’s flexibiliy
Business process outsourcing offers an outstanding career growth. It is a growing industry in the Philippines.
Philippines has the highest number of employees at call centers last 2011. 
BPO is not just about call center, It also includes software development, game development, contact centers and all IT related activities.
Career Opportunities in the BPO Industry are:
  • Customer Service Representative - Interacting with company’s customer to provide necessary information about products and services. Customer Service Representative (CSR) is more about assisting and helping customers.
  • Technical Support Representative - A Technical Support Representative is responsible for providing excellent customer service solutions and telephone/email technical support regarding customer’s technical problem.
  • Online Marketing Specialist - The Online Marketing Specialist will be responsible for coordinating, supporting and executing campaigns through various online marketing channels to drive lead generation in support of corporate goals. He/She is responsible for developing rich, quality content for online websites.
  • Software Developer - A Software Developer is responsible for developing the design, installation, testing and maintenance of software systems.
  • Quality Analyst - A Quality analyst is responsible for evaluating calls and providing feedback enhancing the quality of the calls. Quality Analyst monitors calls to identify the calls failing to meet predefined standards and take an action. 
  • Communications Trainer - A Communications Trainer is responsible for preparing new and long-term employees to excel in their work environment through on floor mentoring, expert classroom instruction, and one on one skills coaching.
  • Telemarketing Representative - A Telemarketing Representative converts inquiries into sales by answering an inbound telephone calls.
  • Account Analyst - The Accounting Analyst will be responsible for interpreting and implementing new accounting systems and procedures.
  • Collections Agent - A Collections Agent interacts with customers diligently, courteously and professionally while collecting payments. 
  • Game Developer - Game Developers are software developers and engineers who create video games like DOTA, Candy Crush, League of Legends and etc. 
For the Job Seekers, When you are looking for a BPO Company always make sure that the company is legitimate!
BPO companies typically hire large number of service professionals at one time.
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