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Sunday, August 03, 2014

Are you a coffee lover like me? How often do you drink coffee and Why do you love coffee?
I love drinking coffee and I am proud to say that i am a CERTIFIED COFFEE LOVER. I’ve been a coffee lover for a couple of years now and i can still remember the time when someone introduces me “coffee”. It feels like we are soul mate. WHY? simply because coffee makes me feel good,happy and in love everyday. 
Do you love drinking coffee at work? If not, i must say you better try drinking coffee! Why? Because coffee helps us deal with stress. Instead of smoking why not drink a cup of coffee? Coffee has a stress relaxing benefits that all of us will definitely love. No one wants a stressful day at work! If you guys have a coffee machine at work, you are so lucky! 
Based on my research, Coffee has a lot of benefits that will surely help us on our daily living. Coffee contains caffeine in which acts as a central nervous system stimulant, temporarily warding off drowsiness and restoring alertness. Which means coffee will make you feel alive & energetic at work.
Coffee increases your power and strength performance.
Coffee increases productivity that makes each and everyone happier and reduces work place stress. It boost our energy and makes us more alert! 
Coffee increases productivity in your workplace.
 The motivation, mood and over-all performance of an employee increases whenever they drink a coffee. Without coffee they feel anxious at work! It’s like a day full of stress and irritability.
Coffee lowers riks of having a cancer.
Coffee does not increase cancer risk. It is because of the antioxidants that coffee provides which are protective against cancer and other diseases.
Coffee is good for the heart.
Coffee intake is highly protective for the cardiovascular system and has been repeatedly found to decrease risk of heart disease and death from a heart attack. Drinking coffee protects us against heart failure.
Drinking Coffee makes us HAPPY!
Unhappy people produces Unhappy Service, We should always remember that:
A Happy Workplace is more Efficient Workplace. :)
Want to be a part of a happy and efficient workplace?
Whether you’re an experienced employee or a fresh graduate itching to explore the possibilities of an exciting career ahead, it is a known fact that you have to go through a lot of challenges and exert a considerable amount of effort just to score that perfect job you desire.
EnterSykes E-recruitment site - a portal that allows job seekers to apply for their desired jobs in the easiest & fastest way!
With Sykes, every job seeker can now be a few clicks closer to the career they’ve always wanted.
Create your own happiness!
Let’s drink a cup of coffee and Join a happy & efficient workplace at SYKES :)

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