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Sunday, August 03, 2014

Last May 9, 2014 me and my sister was one of the 30 lucky stylash girls who won a free eyelash extension. The main reason why we joined was because we really wanna try it especially me because i envy girls who has a long & thick lashes. Obviously you know why? Unfortunately i have a super short thin lashes and it really breaks my heart seeing girls with long, thick and curly lashes. Now as they announced the winners, i can’t explain how happy i am! I immediately booked an appointment and went to their salon at Fisher Mall the next day by the way it’s their Opening day! 
At first i’m kinda nervous because i don’t have any idea about the process of applying an eyelash extension but as i lay down i really feel comfortable the whole session, I almost fall asleep haha and It takes about 1 1/2 hour. I chose the 10mm C-shaped posh extension for my lashes and i love how my lashes look after the session. It looks like i was born to have a long thick lashes *beautiful eyes* I super love its natural look on my eyes. I would like to thank Stylash Eyelash Salon for making my dream lashes possible! I would definitely recommend your salon to my girl friends. I can’t wait to go back to your cute salon!
Stylash Eyelash Salon are the only eyelash salon in the Philippines to provide Q10 Collagen eye mask treatments during extensions. The Q10 Collagen eye mask reduces fine lines and eyebags. 
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Look at our eyelashes! Sorry for not taking a full face shot :)
No more mascara and no need to put an eye make-up!
(Natural - 160pcs both eyes)
The Landmark Makati (Ground Floor Cosmetic Area)
SM BF Paranaque ( 3rd Floor )
Fisher Mall Q.Ave ( 3rd Floor )
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Again! Thank you for the unforgettable experience Stylash! We’ll visit your salon again soon :)

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