The Voice of Unisilver Season 2

Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Before, I really thought that i was born shy 
All i did was to sing at home and at my favorite spot "bathroom"
Whenever i sing in front of many people, i feel nervous and i am literally shaking
my legs and hands were shaking and even my voice. It really feels awkward, It feels like i don't wanna sing anymore. Nervousness really ruins any performance so my dad did something for me to overcome shyness. Almost every week we were visiting different resto bars that has a live band and through jamming with different bands. Thank God, Slowly i didn't notice that i'm comfortable now to sing infront of many people. 
Last year was the first time I joined a singing contest and that was

"The Voice of Unisilver"

Luckily, I was able to made it to the Top 10. Though i didn't win the grand prize
 I am still happy because I can finally prove to myself that i already overcome my fear. I am now confident to sing in front of large crowd of people. Through the voice of unisilver, I met new friends and I really thank them for that. Joining The Voice of Unisilver was a great experience, Experience that I will treasure forever.
Thankyou Unisilver Family once again. 

Now after sharing my story haha :)

This is now your chance to be heard! Calling all aspiring singers out there!

Here's how to join

1. LIKE the Offical fanpage of Unisilver Jewelry.

2. Qualifications:
- Must be a Unisilver Jewelry fan
- Male or Female
- Open to age 13-30 years old

3. Simply upload your photo on Unisilver Jewelry's page and include the following details:
- Title of the Contest
- Complete Name
- Age
- Location

And send the video of your COVER SONG with a maximum of 7 minutes to so we can upload them to our YouTube account.

4. Once your video and photo has been uploaded, we will share your video on our wall and post a confirmation message.

5. Start inviting your friends to LIKE Unisilver Jewelry's Fan Page then VOTE for your video and photo entries.

6. One [1] entry per fan only.

*10 Finalists
   - Unisilver Jewelries

   - Php5,000 CASH
   - Php 10,000 worth of Unisilver Jewelry Gift Cheque

1st Runner Up
    -Php 3,000 CASH
   - Php 7,000 worth of Unisilver Jewelry Gift Cheque

2nd Runner Up
   - Php 2,000 CASH
   - Php5,000 worth of Unisilver Jewelry Gift Cheque

8. Criteriafor Judging for the 10 Finalists:
  Voice Quality - 60%
  Number of Likes (Facebook) - 20%
  Number of Views (YouTube) - 20%
  TOTAL                    100%

9. FB contest duration is from July 1 to August 31, 2014.

10. The 10 Finalists will be announced on September 3, 2014.

11. Finalists will be notified through announcement on Unisilver Jewelry's Official Fan Page Wall & through personal message.

12. Upon receipt of our PM, finalists need to respond to that message providing the information requested.

13. The announcement of the Grand Winner is on __________.

14. Winners can claim their prize ONLY IF all requested information has been provided.

15. Prizes must be claimed within 30 days upon announcement. Prizes not claimed within 30 days will be forfeited.

What are you waiting for? Submit your entry now. 
                                            Don't waste your talent. Show it to the world :)

                                      Dont forget to like Unisilver Jewelry's facebook page

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