Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Last stop for our Makati Food Tour Day 1 was at the SIMPLÉ LANG.
Yes it's " É " not " E " for me it's because SIMPLÉ LANG is not just simple.

I love Filipino cuisine and I am very happy when i found out that our last stop caters Filipino cuisine which is the Simplé Lang located at Ayala Triangle Gardens. Since I am from the North, 
I'm not so familiar with Makati City and It was my first time to visit Ayala Triangle Gardens. 
As what i have noticed Ayala Triangle Gardens is more of a commercial area 
with a large crowd of people which is good for a food establishment like Simplé Lang. 

When we entered, as you can see Simplé Lang has a lot of customers that night, It was around 7pm
and It made me think that Simplé Lang is not just simple because of the crowd.

Well, we'll see what made Simplé Lang special . . .

As for the ambiance, the interior was quite simple but there's still a class on it 
because of the red theme colored. 

Here's Simplé Lang Must Try board which helps customers choose their drink.


Simplé Lang also serves some pastries.

As for my drink, I chose the Choc-nut MilkShake (P150) because i love eating choc-nut and at the same time i love drinking milkshakes. I usually drink strawberry milkshake but for now i want something new so i tried their choc-nut milkshake. I love that their choc-nut milkshake has a choc-nut bar on it which added more real taste of a choc-nut.

For our appetizer,  Simplé Lang served us a Tinapa Tops Salad (P185) which is a combination of onions, tomatoes, 
kangkong, tinapa bits and a salted egg dressing. 

Here's the Grilled Stuffed Whole Bangus (P 285.00) it's a grilled bangus stuffed with tomatoes,onions and green mango. If you're a bangus lover this one's perfect for you, It's also perfect with some beer aka perfect pulutan.

The Longganisa Tortang Talong Pancake (P 260.00) a combination of a round shape tortang talong topped with tomatoes and onions flavored with longganisa. I suggest you should add some condiments like ketchup to satisfy your torta cravings!

The Crispy Chop Chop Pork Belly Dinakdakan (P195) taste likes a little bit of sisig and looks like a bicol express. This one is the reason why i crave for rice that time!

Well, cravings satisfied because of this Inasal Java Rice (P165) 
My meal isn't really complete without rice, I am a rice lover and I personally love this Inasal Java Rice! "Kanin pa lang ulam na!"

The Mixed BBQ Plate (P595) is composed of three pieces grilled chicken inasal, two pork barbecue and two grilled squid.

The Fresh Lumpia Rolls (P95) , this one's a filipino favorite. 
A lumpia roll stuffed with some vegetables topped with peanuts, garlic and sauce.

One of my personal favorite, The Seafood Bicol Express (P375), the usual bicol express but instead of pork, it's a combination of shrimps and clams with creamy coconut milk.

If you're a sinigang lover and you want something new, You should try this!
The Sinigang na Crispy Bagnet sa Watermelon (P395) 

The M.B.T (Monggo Bagnet Tinapa) (P175)

Now it's time for some desserts!
First to served was the Mango madness (P175)
A combination of mangoes, sago and milk topped with an ice cream.

Next was the Buko Pandan (P150)
The typical buko pandan topped with ice-cream.

A very refreshing way to end the night with the Simplé Lang Halo-Halo (P175)

Food and Service was excellent.
One of the best restaurants that cater Filipino Cuisine therefore
Simplé Lang is worth recommended for.

Thank you so much for inviting me! :)

Simplé Lang
Ayala Triangle Gardens
632) 6216162; (632) 6216162

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