Tara na sa Tambayan Sa Kanto!

Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Last Aug 23, 2014 I, together with my blogger friends visited
 Tambayan sa Kanto Restaurant at The Podium for a bloggers night. 
It was my second time to visit Tambayan sa Kanto and as what i expected They didn't fail me.
 For those people who haven't tried to dine yet at Tambayan Sa Kanto well you should visit them at The Podium. I swear! You will miss half of your life if you will not visit this resto!

Tambayan Sa Kanto serves an Authentic Regional Filipino Cuisine. 
I assure you it's 101% Authentic! 
I myself tried their specialties and I loved it! 
I love everything about Tambayan Sa Kanto and I believe and predict that someday this restaurant would be one of the famous resto not only in the Philippines but also in other countries. 
I think it is now time for the Filipino Cuisine to be well known. 

Now I would like to show you the reasons why i love Tambayan Sa Kanto

Tambayan Sa Kanto is located at the G/F The Podium Mall.
ADB Avenue, Ortigas Centre Mandaluyong City.

Tambayan sa Kanto's interior design was more of a Filipino posh looking restaurant.
I always believe that a good interior will attract a lot of customers.
Two-Thumbs up for Tambayan's Interior! I love the design and It feels like home.
It feels like i am very much comfortable to eat at Tambayan with a nice view.
The color-combination was great and wall designs were awesome.
If you guys are wondering where's the kanto? where's the theme sa kanto?
There is a part inside the restaurant that is more of a Kanto Style, where you can drink, smoke & etc.
I swear! It's a cool place to hang out with friends!
Well, you guys should visit Tambayan Sa Kanto for you to find out :)

Now Let's check Tambayan Sa Kanto's Food

Let's start with some coolers! I admit i am a fan of shakes specifically milkshakes.
Drinking shakes makes me feel happy and I was really delighted that
Tambayan Sa Kanto serves different shakes.






My favorite was the Green Ripe Mango Shake not only because of it's stunning presentation but because of it's taste. While drinking the shake i can really taste the fresh ripe mango and  i love it.

Next to serve was the Soup.

The soup was a quintessential ilonggo favorite.
It is one of the popular ilonggo dish.
It taste really good :)

Ensaladang Filipino(P150) is one of the Kanto's signature dishes which is consist of Grilled Eggplant with salted egg,Tomatoes, Onions, Green Mango and Shrimp Paste.
 If you love ensalada you should try this!

For our starter meal, Tambayan Sa Kanto served us a Chicharon Liempo (P280) one of the best sellers. 
It is a marinated spiced pork belly, deep fried to obtain the perfect crunch. 
It's perfect to eat while chit-chatting with friends.

To start our main course meal, Tambayan sa Kanto served us a Crispy Tadyang ng Baka (P395) one of the signature dishes. It is a selected beef ribs fried into perfection, So tender that it falls off the bone.
All i can say was PERFECT! It was my first time to eat this and now i can say i have a new favorite aside from bagnet :)

Next was the Coconut Crusted Prawns (P270) served with Tambayan sa Kanto's homemade chutney dip.
I love the combination of the shrimp and the chutney dip.

Next was the Roasted Garlic Chicken (P375) , A half chicken spiced and roasted with garlic.
If you are a chicken lover, this is perfect for you!
Looks good, Taste good :)

Next was the Baked Tilapia with Laing (P290) is one of the kanto's signature dishes.
Perfect for Fish and Vegetable lovers.

Last for the main course was my ultimate favorite "CRISPY BAGNET" (P430)
It is one of the kanto's signature dishes, served with Ilocano style
KBL - Kamatis/Bagoong/Lasona = Tomatoes/Balayan Fish Anchovy/ Spring Onions.
Amazed that it was home-made and the owner is the one who cooks this delicious crispy bagnet. Ms. Margaret got the recipe from her grandmother and I salute them for creating a delicious dish.

 Lastly, the desserts! Leche Flan (P150) & Turon Halo-Halo (P150)
Tambayan sa Kanto's Leche flan is an egg custard topped with macapuno
strings. I love sa kanto's leche flan so badly <3
Tambayan sa Kanto's Turon Halo-Halo is a halo-halo with a twist because your favorite halo-halo is now in a turon. Amazing isn't it?


If you have upcoming events or occassions
Feel free to celebrate it at Tambayan Sa Kanto's function room



I will definitely recommend Tambayan Sa Kanto with my family & friends
I can't wait to go back at Tambayan Sa Kanto to eat my favorite dishes.
Thank you so much Tambayan Sa Kanto for inviting me :)


Visit Tambayan Sa Kanto at
G/F The Podium Mall. ADB Avenue, Ortigas Centre
Mandaluyong City

For more info you can visit their page:

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