Why does the Team Kramer trust URATEX?

Monday, September 08, 2014

We all know that Team Kramer is an epitome of a perfect happy family.
People were following their everyday story on social media sites such as facebook and instagram.
Indeed, They are the most popular family in the Philippines
and I must admit that I am also a fan of Team Kramer and as we follow their everyday journey we can see everything specially their bonding moments together. 
As what I have noticed most of the time they love staying at home and witnessed how they trust Uratex through their everyday post on facebook.

A big king-size bed is ideal for the family.  While helping to ensure the intimate bond between the father and mother, it can on occasions transform to become the ‘happy healthy playground’ of the kids.  Stories can be read, the events of the days can be recapped, or a favorite DVD marathon with a late midnight snack can bring the family even closer together Just like the Team Kramer.

One way to show and prove how they trust Uratex was through their bonding moments in bed like storytelling. You wanna know why? Simply because they feel comfortable & secured. All of us wants to have a good sleep or should i say a "perfect sleep" and we can just achieve that through our soft feeling like heaven bed.

Uratex Philippines, which has grown immensely in 46 years from a modest company to the foam leader in the country, has always kept the family’s welfare in mind.  Perhaps being a family-owned company is one of the reasons behind this.  Another is the company’s constant research and development who sees to it that all its clients receive the excellent foam that they deserve and enjoy the quality sleep that they need. 

This is because good sleep is the one key to maintaining good health and ensuring energy, mental sharpness, and emotional calm the next day.  It also spells the difference between a happy disposition, mood swings, and a grumpy day. Sleep is essential for all peoples, regardless of age, and a good rest is vital especially for a family.  Dad and mom need to be productive for their workplaces and nurturing to their kids.  The children, meanwhile, have to deal with school challenges, peer pressure, changes in perspective, and their own emotional and inner growth.  Their older brothers and sisters who are working will have to confront work deadlines, demanding bosses, and romantic relationships where they have to give more of themselves.

I am so glad and amazed that uninterrupted sleep and quality foam that can provide rest to the body is part of the service that Uratex provides, thanks to its passion for excellence that characterizes its products. Innovations such as the “Quali-5 Cellular Technology” make sure that the Uratex foams produced by the company are of high and world-class quality

"Doug Kramer used to have a lower back pain but with the help of Uratex Premium Touch Viscoluxe Memory Mattress, lower back pain is not a problem anymore, It helps alot specially for athletes like him."

- Based on what Doug Kramer says at the Uratex My Home Event

I myself trust URATEX because ever since i was born uratex was with me.
I can proudly say that Uratex is part of my life specially during my toddler & elementary days,
It is when i first enjoyed jumping at bed and learned how to make tumbling haha I am pretty sure you guys did it too. Uratex helped me alot specially in my sleeping habits, I have an insomnia but whenever i start lying down on my bed just give me 5 minutes and I will be at the dreamland.

Thank you URATEX for making our lives comfortable.
I can't imagine life without you :)
Whatever happens #ItrustU

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