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Last September 22, 2014 (Monday) , I together with my blogger friends 
had the chance to experience Belmere Skin Centre services.
It is located along Shaw boulevard. 
It was my first time to hear about Belmere Skin Centre.

I love that Belmere Skin Centre has its own security, 
Customers will really feel much secured and safe.

As we entered, We feel very flattered that the owner of Belmere Skin Centre
welcomed us.

Before we started our pampering sessions, 
We had the chance to talk to the owner and ask her some questions about Belmere Skin Centre.
 Based on her story, She was just a valued client at Belmere Skin Centre before 
and when the owner of Belmere decided to closed down the skin center, 
Ms. Michelle Acero bought it because she really love the services of Belmere
 and now she is the new owner of Belmere Skin Center.

Ms. Michelle is really nice and very accommodating, 
All of us love her specially because of her attitude, She is very down to earth.
I have no doubt that God really blesses her more everyday, 
It's because of her positive outlook in life and concern for other people.

Now let's take a look at Belmere Skin Centre's Rooms.

Those rooms arefor facial and whitening services, slimline and doctors treatment. 

Belmere Skin Centre also sells effective skin care products such as soaps, facial toner, facial cream, serum and argan oil.

The new management of Belmere Skin Centre, owned and managed by Michelle Acero makes its services and equipment more up to date and affordable than before.

Facial care service is one of Belmere's specialty service.

I really had a hard time deciding what services will i avail at Belmere.
Should i go for facial or whitening services?
Well, i ended up trying their Slimline treatments.

One of my insecurities was having a slightly fat and big tummy.
It was really my dream to have a flat tummy so why not slimline treatments give a try. 
I am not expecting to see the results very fast after the treatment because it will just be my first session.

As for the Slimline treatments it's a non-surgical lipo, I tried the Cryotheraphy (fat freezing) , 
Body Cavicontour (fat blasting ) and Facial Cavicontour.

First to try was the Cryotheraphy (fat freezing)
using this machine.

Before we start, the aesthetician wiped my tummy with a warm cloth.
First step was to put the ultrasound gel on my tummy, It really feels so cold and
 it tickles me a little bit. The aesthetician first put it on the left side area, 
Next step was with the help of cryo machine, the aesthetician was continously massaging the left part of my tummy towards the center area using a handheld device for 15mins. After the left part area, the aesthetician will do the same thing on the right side area.

At first, It was painful but tolerable, but when your body has adjusted
 you will just feel comfortable and feel no pain at all.
This treatment freezes the fats and eliminates them.

Next was the Cavicontour, It's a non-surgical liposuction.
Primary fat loss and Body Sculpture for Contour.
In this treatment they are using a low frequency ultrasound waves that
 creates microbubbles in the body fluids that results to selective destruction of fat cells.

In this treatment, the aesthetician also used a handheld device connected to the machine.
It was just the same process just like the cryotheraphy but in this treatment you will hear a sound because of the sound waves, I asked the aesthetician why the sounds sometimes are louder
,She said that the part with a louder sound contains much more fat than others. If the cryotheraphy was cold, In this treatment, you will feel a warm sensation around your abdominal area.

Last to try was the facial cavicontour, It's the same process with the body cavicontour.
First the aesthetician cleanse my face, then she applied the cold gel and used a handheld device connected to the lipo slim machine. The feeling was just like a facial massage :) 


Belmere Skin Centre have the 6 months Unlimited Slimline Treatments for only Php30,000 and payable in 12 months 0% interest using a credit card.

In the Cryotheraphy and Canvicontour treatment, the fats will be excreted in the urine.
All treatments lasted for about 1 1/2 hour, each treatment was 15 minutes for the left then another 15 minutes for the right side area, It was really a great experience for me.
I know it's just my first session and i shouldn't expect for a fast results but i was really amazed that i already noticed some changes the next day. I'm also using their acne lemon soap and it works on me :)

The ambiance of Belmere Skin Centre is very relaxing
The aestheticians were very accommodating and friendly
They offer services for an affordable prices

I would definitely recommend this skin center with my friends :)

If you guys have plans to visit any skin center why not try belmere?
Best Service, Best Price

If you're planning to visit Belmere Skin Centre soon you can use my name for a 5% discount :)

To know more about Belmere Skin Centre


SHAW- San Antonio
Ground Floor, 17 RN Bldg., Barangay San Antonio, Shaw Boulevard, Pasig City
470-4133 & 0927-5767019

Alabang branch is currently located at:
2nd Floor Aurora Bldg., Alabang-Zapote Road, Alabang, Muntinlupa City (beside Alabang Medical Center) 
Tel numbers: 842-8484 / 622-8304

BUT will transfer next month, Date to be announced yet. Here is the address of the new location: 
2nd Floor Unit A&B CTP Alpha Building at Investment Drive, Madrigal Business Park, Ayala Alabang, Muntinlupa City


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