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Monday, November 03, 2014

Do you love wearing accessories?
Well if you do, you must read this blog post!

Accessories.. sometimes i really wonder why do we need to wear some accessories..
I looked myself at a mirror & found the right answer.
Normal clothes were boring without an accessories.
You can wear a white plain t-shirt & a jeans which is a super normal look
 but when you added some accessories like necklace & earrings, Plain tees & jeans looks classy. 

Get my point? :)
 Now i want to share you something that would help you 
find a place where to buy cool & safe accessories.

Have you guys heard about the N.Cat?
It's the No. 1 Accessory Store in Korea.

It is located inside Japan Home Center at the Park Square Makati.
N.Cat is Korea's leading accessories store, bringing the latest jewelry trends
 to the Philippine fashion scene, at an affordable price.

Founded in 1991, N.Cat has grown to become one of the go-to, leading accessories store in South Korea.

You can buy accessories at N.Cat starting P28.00.
Very affordable 

What i love about N.Cat was it's like a one stop shop where 
you can find all the accessories that you want.

The moment when i entered N.Cat, looking at this cute pink carpet
I felt something strange..

It's a different feeling.
A feeling of happiness & love.
I felt like the accessories were talking to me and asking me to buy all of them.

but seriously, I love N.Cat! If i can just stay the whole day at their store trying all the accessories that i love ohhhh feels like i'm in heaven! I really wish to have a closet full of accessories.

N.Cat accessories were very unique!
 Look at this cutie cat hair clips.
Isn't it cute? I love the pink one! the red, the gray & the white!
Haha I love them all.

What about this heart & star shaped hair clips? 

They also have different types of earrings.
Choose what you want!
but i'll bet you will be having a hard time because all of them were beautiful.

What can you say about this nine tail ring?
It comes with silver & gold.
It so cool right? :D

Ohh! Look at this classy necklace.
Perfect match for a dress with your pumps.
Looks really elegant.. 

You know what's good about N.Cat?
It's not just very stylish & affordable.
It is very safe to use because N.Cat accessories were

 Lead-free, Nickel-free & Hypoallergenic

Wait there's more!
They also have hair extensions & snap-back caps inside their store!
If you want to achieve the Korean look.
This one is the right place.

Look at this lovely envelope bags.
They really got my attention, that's why instead of buying an accessories
I bought a blue envelope bag.

It looks really classy and elegant.

Who says accessories were just for girls?
It's also for men because N.Cat has a Men Section
 where men can buy some accessories like bracelet , ring & necklace.

I actually dropped by at their store last October 25, 2014 which is my birthday.
I really enjoyed my visit at N.Cat and I can't wait to go back and buy some accessories.

Accessories, Don't worry I'll be back soon. 
Just stay there & wait for me haha

I love N.Cat Philippines.
Giving you a ★★★★★

The ladies at N.Cat were all smiling & very accomodating
I super love the interior design of your store.
All accessories were complete.
Super Affordable Price.

There's nothing more i can ask for.
See you soon N.Cat

N.Cat Philippines
Japan Home Center, Park Square Makati

For more information visit


Thankyou so much N.Cat Philippines for inviting me!
See you soon :)

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