Caliburger Chef's Choice Smokehouse Burger

Friday, November 14, 2014

I've been a fan of burger for years now,
I can actually eat a monster burgers with large fries and drinks.
I already visited different burger shops here in the metro and now 
I've just discovered a new one!

It's the Caliburger which first opened its doors last February 2014,
When you visit their store you can really feel the spirit of the
 Golden State of California. 

CaliBurger wants their guests to taste the perfectly toasted bun,
 that juicy cooked to order beef patty, their very own signature Wild Sauce
 those crisp hand sliced veggies - each of these components work in 
symphony with the rest to tickle the taste buds and satisfy that burger craving.

Last Monday, I was invited at the Caliburger's grand launching 
of an extremely special burger called the 
Chef’s Choice – SMOKEHOUSE Burger

It is crafted by one of the country’s most respected chefs,
 Chef Robert Pengson. He wanted to create a unique burger that completely
 whets your appetite, something fragrant, and that goes well with an ice cold beer

I've met Chef Robert Pengson personally and I must say
 he's the coolest chef I've ever met.

I was able to try the Chef's Choice Smokehouse burger
 and It's really good. One isn't enough for me! 
It is 100% pure beef patty enveloped in delicious smokey bacon 
and crispy spiced onion rings topped with a unique maple-mustard sauce,
 this beauty will take you on a wild ride through the All-American countryside. 

I salute Chef Robert Pengson for creating this heaven Smokehouse burger!
I enjoyed every bite and I really want more!
Smokehouse burger matched with onion rings and lemonade juice.
Ahhhh.. Perfect!

Aside from their mouthwatering burgers, Caliburgers are also conducting activities such as Cali Quiz Nights at the Timog branch every 3rd Wednesday of the month, MineCraft tournaments, live NBA viewings, as well as private party packages at Century City Mall. Many things are also in the pipeline such as new menu items that are worth breaking that diet for.

Over-all, I really enjoyed my quick visit at the Caliburger

The food is very appetizing
The interior took me into the City of California 
The service was exceptional

I can't wait to visit the Caliburger again!
Ofcourse with my family and friends.

What about you guys?
Visit them now!!

But wait guys,
The CaliBurger Chef’s Choice – SMOKEHOUSE Burger will be a limited edition
 offering in both branches from November 17, 2014 to December 17, 2014.

So we need to hurry!
You guys should never miss this.

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  1. Burgers are my favorite meal. Those Caliburgers look SO good.

  2. Omg way to make me hungry!!!! That burgee looks absolutely amazing!!!!

  3. Wow this sounds amazing! We don't really have any good burgers over here in Sweden, so you've got me craving one!

  4. This looks and sounds really good. I would try it if they had one near me.

  5. The name alone gets me thinking about how good it tastes. I wouldn't mind one of those now!

  6. I am such a burger girl, I would be all over the Caliburgers! Now I am longing for a juicy burger like that!

  7. I've been to Cali Burger and it's one of my favorite food choices. I'll be checking out this limited edition burger.

  8. I have never heard of CaliBurger before. However, I'm sure it's something that my husband would enjoy. He loves burgers!

  9. Oh my, that looks so good. I love burgers as well.

  10. That looks amazing. Although i'm in Texas haha

  11. That burger looks so good, it sucks that I started going to the gym and dieting; how I'll miss them. :(

  12. Oh wow what a great review. I would love to munch on a Caliburger. Thanks for the tasty review.

  13. I would love some of that burger right now. It looks so delicious!

  14. Those burgers look just delicious. I would love to grab one NOW

  15. That looks like a delicious burger. I will have to try Caliburger i wish i could rite now.

  16. Lush can tell you for sure my hubby would love them.

  17. Never heard of them but they look great!!

  18. I haven't tried Caliburger yet! Now you got me wanting to try it.

  19. I like that side dish of onions! Very colourful hamburger.

  20. I was invited to this launch but I had to back out the last minute. Sayang, the burger looks so yummy pa naman.