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Friday, November 21, 2014

Hello again everyone! If you guys were following me on facebook
you might saw the photo that I've posted last Saturday at Honey's Kimchi.

It's now time to share what happened during our visit at the Honey's Kimchi :)

When i heard the name Honey's Kimchi, the first thing that pops up on my
 mind was "Ooh..Korean.." tho I'm not a fan of Korean food, 
there's still some Korean dish that i really love,
just like the spicy chicken that my blogger friend Monica always 
cook for me every time i visit her at her condo.

Going back, Last Saturday I was invited to try the Honey's Kimchi at 
SM North Edsa (SM Foodcourt), I love that they have a big screen where you can 
see what they offer. As you can see below, Honey's Kimchi are very affordable. 

We were lucky that the owner joined us for lunch. She's so nice and very humble..
She also shared the history of Honey's Kimchi, I can't believe that its been 41 years since they opened their first store. Imagine how pioneer they are? According to Ms. Bry even some celebrities loves to eat at Honey's Kimchi, It's also a perfect date destination if you guys have a budget control
 and yet you want to eat something special.

Everyone meet the owner, Ms. Bry Ramirez
She's beautiful and lovely right? :)
She's super accommodating and kind. Hope to meet her again soon.

Let's start off with their Kimchi!
This Kimchi is just worth P25.00 so if you guys were craving for Kimchi..
You know what to do *wink* This Kimchi is a grandma's recipe and was
 passed generation to generation. I just tasted a little because
 i'm really not a fan of Kimchi.
I love that their kimchi is not too spicy :)

Next is the Beef Stew worth (P140.00) It taste really good, 
I love its sweetness matched with the tenderness of the beef. 
No wonder it's their best seller. Looking at the Beef Stew while 
writing this post makes me really crave. 
I can also compare it with the Beef Pares.

The Spicy Chicken worth (P120.00) served with beansprouts on the side.

The Chicken BBQ worth (P120.00) served with beansprouts on the side.

The Pork BBQ worth (P120.00) served with beansprouts on the side.

The Beef BBQ worth (P120.00) served with beansprouts on the side.

The BBQ Belly worth (P99.00) served with beansprouts on the side.

The Burger Steak worth (P99.00) served with beansprouts on the side. 
This one is also my favorite, next to the beef stew.
The sauce and the burger blend very well.. 

The Spicy Squid worth (P120.00) 
sorry for the blurred photo, I was so excited to eat! haha

The Chapchae worth (P69.00) which is the popular dish in Korea.
It's very budget friendly and i do love its sweetness.
One of my favorites too! 
They actually served us more chapchae because 
we loved it very much.

Lastly, the Sukiyaki worth (P85.00), this one has a sweet taste too.

As you can see, you can really enjoy their food at an affordable price.
The highest price was P140.00 which is not even that high.
If you will visit the Honey's kimchi and you can't decide what to eat
I recommend the Beef Stew, Chapchae and the Burger Steak.

Over-all, I love the food and the service.
Just one more thing, I just think they should focus more with their 
food presentation maybe adding some green on the side? though not a big deal 
because their food was delicious.

I enjoyed my visit :)

I will bring my friends the next time i visit.
What about you guys?

Visit them now at

SM City North Edsa 
SM City Bacoor
Robinsons Galleria
Shangri-la Plaza
Mall of Asia Hypermarket
Shaw Blvd. Hypermarket

Don't forget to follow them on facebook

***Thanks everyone! Next post will be about "Skin Care" hmm any guess? Stay tuned! ***

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  1. This is a great review! Does a good job featuring the food, but also offers some constructive criticism (adding a little green on the side for presentation!) Thanks for sharing.

  2. Nice food review.. it sounds like its a good place to get some good food!

  3. That food all looks so good. I am so hungry right now ;)

  4. I'm not sure what I'd want to try first. It all looks incredible, maybe the bbq pork!

  5. That food looks delicious. I'd love to go for dinner there with my fiance :)

  6. Love the beef BBQ, so tempting. I could do with a plate now after a long day at work.

  7. It looks absolutely delicious and the prices WOW! I love that the owner took the time to spend with you and tell you about her growing business.

  8. Omg all these options look absolutely delicious!!!! I want!!!!

  9. I'm such a wimp when it comes to trying new foods. I would probably order the Pork BBQ. It looks really good!

  10. I'm also not a fan of kimchi but it's good to try the other Korean food on the menu. The beef stew would be something I'll order in this restaurant. :)

  11. They have really affordable kimchi and other food here. It would be nice to try this out when I visit SM.

  12. All these dishes look amazing. I would love to try them all.

  13. The food looks so good and healthy! I'm not sure what I'd start with...

  14. I love korean food! They taste awesome and they are very healthy!

  15. I'd love to try it. I love my korean food.. but I'm always skeptical bc I can always make it myself. :) I think the only good korean food I've liked so far in the US was in either LA or Atlanta.

  16. I am not a fan of kimchi but the ribs looked so good. Lovely food pictures.

  17. I've always wanted to try kimchi and I still haven't. Now you're making me want to go get one so bad. LOL

  18. the food looks delicious. amazing photos.

  19. These all look so good. I want to try them all. I wish we had a Kimchi in our area.

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  21. Looks like they've got lots of delicious dishes! I'm not even sure which one I would order first.

  22. To be honest I have never had Korean food. I think after reading this post I am so wanting to try it for the first time.

  23. The chicken and pork BBQ both look really really good.

  24. I'd order spicy chicken! Looks really awesome and delicious!

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  28. Now that I'm starving after looking at all the deelish dishes! What a great experience - love the owner was hands on!

  29. No way! Wala man lang sa mall na malapit sa'kin?! I love kimchi pa naman!

  30. Nice food shots! I think the Spicy Chicken looks really delicious. I'd love some of THAT!

  31. Wow, these all look fantastic! I wish there was a little place like this in my area- I live in Canada.

  32. wow, I like the barbeque, but here in texas we have never taste like that kind of food. I'll spread this thanks.