Jergens 7-Day Challenge

Friday, November 21, 2014

I'm a person who loves to fight all the challenges in life.
Sometimes, I think of giving up but I never did.
So last week, I received an email asking me if i want to join the
"Jergens 7-Day Challenge"
They will be giving missions everyday until i reach the 7th day.
It took me 2 days to think and reply, but I've decided why not give it a try.

Yes, I've accepted the Jergens 7-Day Challenge!
I just received my mission box early this morning :)

What's inside the mission box?

I will be updating this blog post every mission so stay tuned!
I'm a little bit nervous and excited at the same time.

What do you think would be my first mission?
hmmmm... let's all find out soon :)

**** MISSION #1 ****

I've just received my first mission!

For my first mission, They want me to radiate beauty from within. 
I need to take a bottle of Jergens from my welcome pack and
 share it with a complete stranger.

It was really hard for me because i'm a shy person but i need to 
finish the challenge so here's the story..

Today, I've attended an event at an Italian restaurant in Makati.
After the event, me & my blogger friends went to Ayala Triangle 
just to relax and check out the lights decoration. 
It was my second time to visit the Ayala Triangle, 
I almost forgot the challenge but fortunately i saw the Jergens on my bag.
I asked my friends if they can help me find a good stranger prospect.
We've seen a lot of different people in that area but what really catches my eye
 was the runners at the Ayala Triangle.

So eventually, I saw this couple :)
I met Ms. Cheenee Lee and her partner.

I can really see that they're very conscious with their health because we saw them exercising.
I really don't want to disturb them but i really think they are the person :)
So I decided to approach Ms. Cheenee even though i am super shy, 
They really need this Jergens Beauty Lotion to keep their skin healthy especially 
when their skin was exposed to the sun.

Ms. Cheenee was a little bit awkward too and shy so she doesn't 
want a solo pic to be taken but She's really nice and very lovely.

Thank you so much to Ms. Cheenee Lee and his partner for being nice.
Enjoy your Jergens bottle to keep your skin more soft and healthy :)

Done with my first mission!
Can't wait for my second mission :)

**** MISSION #2 ****


The second mission is to apply the new Jergens only on my left arm
and leave the right arm bare.

So i need to take a photo of my both arms.

Hmm.. let's see

On what i have noticed, my left arm (with Jergens) became more smooth.
When it comes to appearance you can't really see that much.
I love the it reduced the dryness of my skin, making it more moisturized.
I also love the aloe vera scent, it adds freshness on my skin.
I love that whenever i slide my palm on my left arm, 
it slides fast compare with my right arm.

Jergens Soothing aloe gives my skin a more refreshing look.
It amazingly hydrates and moisturized my skin.


Mission #2 done!
Wait for the 3rd mission guys :)

**** MISSION #3 ****

For Mission #3, I only need to drink water today using my Jergens tumbler.
I will post photos with a time stamp every time i do refill.

It's a lazy Wednesday for me, I slept around 4 o'clock in the morning and
woke up by 2 o'clock in the afternoon. I have no events and school activity
 to attend, so today i will just stay at home and enjoy my bed.

I really don't wanna stand up, I just want to hug my pillow and cover myself with a blanket.
I've read my mission around 2:30pm, I'm happy that i can now use my Jergens tumbler!

(2:42 pm) I decided to stand up and drink some water.
So this will be my first bottle.. I wonder how many refills will i make.
After drinking, I went back to my bed and took a nap.

I woke up around 4:00pm and refilled my Jergens tumbler by 4:15pm
 because It's Snack Time! with my super favorite potato chips!

(7:05pm) After having my dinner, I refilled again my Jergens tumbler.
I'm enjoying this mission so badly! I will just go to the grocery and 
buy some stuffs and will be back after a couple of minutes.

(8:25pm) I'm back! Decided to refill my Jergens tumbler again.
I am a little bit tired because of the long line at the grocery.
I need to be rehydrated!

(10:17pm) I think this will be my last refill for today.
Will just finish my backlogs and sleep because i have school tomorrow :)

I enjoyed my mission #3 :)
It's not just a mission, It helps me become more hydrated.
Remember guys, Dehydration makes our skin dry & wrinkled.
So let's drink a lot of water okaaaay? :D

I wonder what would be my Mission #4..

I will update you guys again tomorrow!

**** MISSION #4 ****

You guys will really love my mission #4


I will make you guys smile...


Want to win a Jergens Giftpack?

Here's the mechanics

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One lucky reader will win a Jergens Giftpack!
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Join now and make your skin more soft and beautiful :)

Thank you everyone for joining!

And the winner of Jergens Giftpack...

is none other than....

Congratulations Haidee Pencerga please message me your shipping address asap :)

Thank you everyone for joining, don't worry there will be more giveaways to come! 

**** MISSION #5 ****

A healthy diet is needed to keep our body strong and beautiful.
For my 5th mission, I need to share with you our family recipe using 
ingredients that are good for the skin.

When we say skin, the first thing that pops up on
my mind is the "Malunggay"

Malunggay or Moringa Oleifera has been used as a 
herbal medicine for many years because of it’s nutritional values.
It is really good for our skin because it has a vitamin E.

So now, I decided to share how can you guys prepare
your own Malunggay tea. I've posted this few months ago
and i really think it is worth sharing!

Here it is...

Jergens Mosturizers work hand in hand with a healthy diet
and exercise in keeping your skin stunningly beautiful.
Don't forget to apply your favorite Jergens variant twice a
day to reveal your most beautiful skin :)

2 more missions left!

**** MISSION #6 ****

Jergens sent me a Cabalen Gc's! 

The mission was i need to use them to treat my mom or my fave gal pal
to a surprise lunch or dinner..

So I just came from a beauty event with my sister.
I decided to treat her at Cabalen for dinner, since she's my bestfriend.

We've talked about different things tonight.
Chitchatted for almost 2 hours!
We enjoyed our meal at Cabalen especially the desserts section.
We love marshmallows dipped with chocolate!
It's really a perfect bonding :)

Thank you so much Jergens!

Remember everyone, As you nurture relationships, 
nourish your skin as well for a beauty that radiates inside & out!

Hmm.. I wonder what would be my last mission :)

**** MISSION #7 ****

Wohooo! This will be my last mission for the Jergens 7-Day Challenge

I need to post my old full body photo taken last 3 months then take a new photo
while holding a Jergens variant that i have been using in the past 7 days.

Tadaaa! I'm sorry it was too sunny outside.
I'm holding a Jergens Soothing Aloe.
After using it for 7 days, my skin became more smoother.

Having a beautiful skin is definitely a choice.

Thank you Jergens for this 7-Day Challenge..

Thank you for making my skin more soft and beautiful :)

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