Sweets Overload at Love Desserts for only P199.00

Monday, November 03, 2014

Monday Blues! I'm a little bit stressed because of some school works
 but thanks to my favorite blueberry cheesecake i can still survive a day.
If you guys were reading my food reviews you'll noticed that my 
favorite part is always desserts!
But honestly, I'm not a fan of sweets, I love desserts that are not too sweet.
Have you guys heard about the "Love Desserts" a restaurant serving desserts buffet.
I've been wanting to try and visit Love Desserts since it was opened at the Banawe Branch 
and I'm really grateful that after a few years, Finally! I had the chance to visit Love Desserts last monday with blogger sister "Monica" of Impressions of a Princess. 
We arrived around 5:00 - 5:30pm and I was shocked because of the crowd outside their store waiting.

As we've entered, you can see a lot of people enjoying the food while chit-chatting with friends.
At first i can't really decide what to eat first because i can see an overflowing desserts!

It's a self service, You can make your own halo-halo at the Halo-Halo Station.
There's a complete ingredients with crushed ice. 
All you need to do is put everything on a cup.
You will not just enjoy the food, serving yourself and creating your own food is really enjoyable.

You will also choose if you want an iced tea or a milk tea.

But if you want something hot like a tea or coffee you need to ask the crew
 and they will serve it to you.

You can also make your own Cookie a la Mode.
You just need to get 1 cookie, put an ice cream on top and put your desired toppings!

Look at our Cookie A la Mode hahaha!
It's my first time to eat an orange ice cream, it's good but i really love strawberry ice cream :)

There's also a crepe station, You may ask the crew if you want a crepe.
You can choose from the strawberry, banana, mango and blueberry.
If you also want mixed fruits crepe just tell it to the crew.

I chose to have a strawberry crepe since i really love strawberries
while my friend Monica chose the blueberry.

After DIY desserts, you can also choose from the ready made desserts such as cakes, brownies, cookies, fruit salad & etc.

Look at my first plate, I really love the mango & strawberry shot glass desserts.
I also love the mini blueberry cheesecakes, I love everything!

FOOD: ★★★★★
SERVICE: ★★★★☆

I've met the owner of Love Desserts Ms. Jen, She's so nice and very hands on.
No wonder why people really loves to eat at Love Desserts.
Imagine for only P199.00 you'll enjoy everything.
They even have a soup & a dynamite. It was all worth it.
I really enjoyed my visit at Love Desserts and
 I can't wait to go back again with a bunch of friends!

If you don't want to wait outside make sure to drop by in the morning.
But wait i still have a good news for everyone :)

Once again, Thank you Love Desserts for inviting us!
I will be back soon :)


  • 915 Banawe street,Cor Del monte Quezon City.
  • 1100 Quezon City, Philippines


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