A Fun-Filled Experience At Mateo's Restaurant Cafe!

Thursday, December 04, 2014

Buenos días a todos..

Are you like me? A person who loves to drink coffee? :)
Well if you do.. I've just discovered a new place to hang out! 
A very unique place to hang out.. 
Later on you'll know its difference with other restaurant cafe.

None other than..

Mateo's Restaurant Cafe

Mateo's Restaurant Cafe who serves Filipino and Spanish cuisine 
located at Malakas St. Diliman Quezon City near SSS Main building at East Avenue.

Here's what you'll see when you enter..

I love wooden interiors! It feels like they're bringing me into a different place.
Somewhere relaxing and comfortable to stay.

Behind those glass door on the right side, there's more space
which is so perfect for a family dinner and a business meeting.

I love the wall designs so much. :)

You can also use this place to celebrate different occasions like bridal showers,
birthdays, and etc. And if you want more space, No problemo! they still have a function room..

Everyone, Meet Sir Miko..
One of the restaurant owners of Mateo's Restaurant Cafe.
He shared to us why it was named "Mateo's"
Wanna know why?
Look at picture frame that he's holding below.
It's his great-grandfather named "Mateo"
who putted-up some restaurants in Batangas and gave it all
up to join and fund the HUKBALAHAP.

After the short talk about Mateo's history..
It's now time to reveal what makes them different..

They offer workshops and fun activities!

Our first activity was "Gingerbread House Making"

The chefs first taught us what to do, then we were divided into five groups
and created our own Gingerbread House!

It was really fun and it's my first time to create my own Gingerbread house!

The fee of this fun activity is P1,000 inclusive of decors, house and frosting.
If you want to create your own Gingerbread house at Mateo's Restaurant Cafe
you may call 433-80-33 or email mateosph@gmail.com to reserve.

After the Gingerbread house making, they served us some 
Spinach and Mushroom Quesadillas (P195.00) served with Hummus dip and Greek yogurt.
I love their Quesadillas and it's really best to match with the Greek yogurt for me.

They also served us Tortilla Española (P150.00)

After enjoying the quesadillas and tortilla,
We're now ready for our next activity..

"Crochet Making"

Teacher Rosey taught us how to make a cord protector made by yarns.
The last time i hold a yarn was way back 2009, I miss my highschool days.
Anyway if you want to see more of Teacher Rosey's crochet work, you can follow her
on instagram: @craftedbysari

If you want to have a Crochet Workshop with Teacher Rosey.

Fee includes two ball of yarns
hook, handouts
 Mateo's Houseblend Iced Tea
 Spanish Quesadilla 
and a choice of Puttanesca or Chicken Pesto Penne

And for our last workshop,

Guess what?

It's "Spanish Class"

Ms. Kara Gabriel taught us some basic spanish words and phrases.
We were also divided into groups and had our mini roll playing.
Although i didn't take it seriously , i still learned a lot.
Especially the basic ones like the greetings..

Muchas Gracias, Senorita Kara Gabriel :)

Wanna learn Spanish?

Fee includes 
 and a glass of red wine or sangria.

After all the fun activities,

It's now time for a sumptuous dinner!
Time for some tummy activity! (haha)

Mateo's Spanish Paella (P495.00)
A combination of a spanish rice, clams, shrimp, squid and chicken. 

Mateo's Special Kare-Kare (P450.00) 
This is one of my favorite! I love Kare-Kare :)

 Crispy Bagnet
Ultimate favorite! It taste really really good :D

Spaghetti Alla Puttanesca (P210.00)

Caesar's Salad Supreme (P195.00)
served with okoy.

 Spaghetti Alla Vongole (P250.00)

Over-all , I enjoyed my visit at Mateo's Restaurant Cafe.
It was so different with other restaurants that i've tried, 
I enjoyed everything at Mateo's specially the fun activities. 

I'll never forget that i created my own gingerbread house 
because of Mateo's Restaurant Cafe. 

If you want something new, this restaurant is perfect for you.

Visit them now!

76 Malakas St., Diliman, Quezon City

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  1. Hi dear! Great post :) It was so nice meeting you. See you around next time!