Battling Acne Breakouts with Luminisce

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Been sleeping for only 4-5 hours a day last 2 weeks
that leads to my severe acne breakouts.

Acne makes me really feel less confident and I hate it.
Covering it with make-up doesn't really help at all,
 It can just cover the redness but not the acne bumps.

 I can't even take a selfie because of this breakout.

God is so good because He sent me
" Luminisce "

Luminisce Holistic Skin Innovations is a developed botique clinic that aims provide wellness, beauty, and body care through premium and innovative skin care services. Luminisce goal is to cater towards their patient's overall health across skin care renewal physical fitness and psychosocial well-being. They provide high quality and private healthcare that is achieved by combined expert knowledge and complemented by the latest and cutting edge laser technology provided with their simple but elegant facilities to keep us comfortable and pampered.

Luminisce is located above Mercury Building at Bonifacio Global City.

The first word that comes up on my mind when i was at the Luminise clinic
 was the word "Royalty" maybe because of its royal ambiance. 
I love the royal decor, It makes me more attracted to try their services.
I love the color combination of white and gold, It looks so clean and classy.

Now, to start off the battle..

A total seven (7) treatments done on my skin.


First was the Skin Checking, before anything else the doctor needs to know the problem first.
This time, I was able to meet the woman behind Luminise.
Everyone.. meet Dr. Kristina C. Reyes

Dr. Kristina C. Reyes or Dra. Kaycee
is a licensed physician who completed her masters degree of Clinical Dermatology 
and DCD Diploma Clinical Dermatology in King's College London
 and St John's Institute of Dermatology at St Thomas Campus, 
Guy's Campus London, United Kingdom.

Dra. Kaycee is a London-trained dermatologist and a wellness advocate.
She explained to me that not all skin types are the same.
She asked me what's my skin problem and I told her the story of acne.
She told me that my acne is hormonal and most of them are cystic.
She showed me how the cystic acne happens through a skin model.

Cystic Acne happens when the bacterial infection goes deep into the skin 
leading to an acne breakouts. 
Every time we're having a pimple, the pores in our skin gets clogged with the dead cell skin and the bacteria gets trapped inside the pores causing the redness and bumpy acne.
Since my acne is hormonal, Dra. Kaycee prescribed me some medicines.

The Lymecycline and the Diane 35.

She also told me that I wouldn't see much results on the first session.


After the Skin Analysis, Dra. Kaycee assisted me to the room for
 the Luxury Facial treatment together with the aesthetician.

The Luxury facial begins with a soothing facial cleanse and a relaxing facial massage.
Then, skin nourishing vitamins are absorbed into the skin via sonophresis, a process wherein ultrasound waves seep nutrients into the skin, removing blackheads and whiteheads along the way.
After, electric currents safely pass through the skin using a special machine to lift and revitalize skin. And finally, an oxygenating machine releases cool, pressurized oxygen into the skin to hydrate and open pores.

The Luxury Facial is the luminisce's special facial treatment that deep cleans pores
and removes bacteria causing acne, trapped dirt and excess oil 
while minimizing pores up to 2 weeks.

When i heard the word facial, all i know is I'm gonna cry especially because of the pricking part.
But, I'm definitely wrong because this Luxury facial is pain free! Look at the picture above and below, you can see the handheld device that the aesthetician used to remove my whiteheads and blackheads. 

This is the first time that i feel so relaxed during a facial treatment.

The aesthetician also pricked my face but it doesn't hurt anymore,
 I'm pretty sure it's because of the handheld device.

Clear Laser Peel by Spectra XT 

After the Luxury Facial, They applied carbon lotion on my face for the Clear Laser Peel.
It was stayed for almost 15 mins on my face.


Three rounds of laser are applied on my skin after a 
film of carbon lotion using the machine below.

Dra. Kaycee was the one who did this procedure on my face.
She's very nice and she makes me feel relaxed all the time.

Photo from:
The first round is for absorption of carbon into the skin, promoting the skin rejuvenation.
The second is to target the absorbed carbon which causes concomitant decrease in oiliness.
The third is to tighten the pores.

While having this treatment, i can hear some same-like sounds of a fireworks.
It doesn't hurt at all but you can feel a little bit spark thingy on your face.

This Clear Laser Peel procedure regenerates collagen, lightens melasma and pigmentation, cures acne, evens and softens skin tone, minimizes pores and fades fine wrinkles.

I love that this peel doesn't have any abrasive tools and harsh chemical at all.


Using Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA's) which is derived from a natural fruit and food extracts,
 they effectively normalize the skin's natural exfoliating and hydrating properties 
by shedding the rough skin and restoring the skin's moisture levels.

In this treatment, the aesthetician put a cloth or a gauze on my face
(I'm not sure because i closed my eyes since the clear laser peel treatment)
After putting the gauze, she added the cream for coquille peel.
The feeling was quite itchy but it's tolerable.
I feel so relaxed in this treatment.

I'm sorry..
I wasn't able to take a picture in this session


After the Coquille Peel, I need to prepare myself for the acne surgery and IL Steriods.
When i heard "surgery" it makes me really scared at all.
But i need this, i badly need this.

Please bear with me if i can't take photos during the procedure.
It was really painful because of the injection.
Dra. Kaycee injected all the cystic pimples on my face.
All i did was close my eyes and cry.
Hahaha I just can't take it but thanks to Dra. Kaycee for cheering me up
while doing this procedure.

The aesthetician cleaned up my face then injected my pimples again.
I think it's for the IL Steroids.

Here's an after photo of this procedure.
I can now smile! :)

Acne Clear Laser by Spectra XT

The last treatment made was the Acne Clear Laser.

Using the non-invasive Spectra XT Gold Toning Laser, 
Acne Clear Laser normalizes the blood vessels surrounding the 
wound healing process to lessen the inflammation and hasten skin healing. 

This treatment is an effective solution to acne inflammation, redness and flushing.

Before heading out, she applied some antibiotic cream on my face and the matte sunblock cream.
I so love their sunblock cream, It lessens the redness on my face.

Here's my photo after the treatment.
(No edit/No Filter/No Foundation/No Powder)

Left: Monica (Blogger Friend) Right: (Me)
In all honesty, I'm amazed on how luminisce works.
All treatments was very different with other skin center.
I love how luminisce makes me feel so comfortable and
at the same time making my skin beautiful.

After a few days of observation, I already notice some changes on my face.
Believe me or not, There's no more bumpy pimples.
But there's still some acne marks on my face.

I will still go back after a week for my check-up and another session.

I can't wait to see the new me.

Now i know why i thought of the word "Royalty"
when i first came in at Luminisce clinic. Wanna know why?
Because Luminisce will definitely treat you like a royalty.
They make me feel like a Queen.


Visit them now!

Luminisce Skin Holistic Innovation
 2nd Floor Mercury Drug building, 32nd Street, 
4th Ave. Fort Bonifacio Global City,1634 Taguig

Like them on facebook

Follow them
Twitter: @LuminisceSkin
Instagram: @luminisce_official

I would like to thank Dra. Kaycee Reyes for helping me on my acne problem.
You really helped me a lot. Thank you :)

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  1. I never thought that you're experiencing breakouts. You look so flawless Steph :)

    1. Thanks Hazel! :) Unfortunately yes.. I dont know why :( maybe it's because of my poor lifestyle. I need to sleep more and eat a lot of healthy foods i guess? :)