Sanremo Philippines Opera Launch

Thursday, December 11, 2014

I am a coffee lover and i can't really live without coffee.
And since I'm a coffee drinker, I am also interested with coffee machines.
Last November 27, 2014 , I received an invite for the Sanremo Opera Launch.
As far as i know, Sanremo is known for their espresso coffee machines.


              Upon entering the event area, I've noticed some of Sanremo coffee machines.


This one is the Zoe Coffee Machine which has a basic structure and small size coffee machine which fits perfectly with modern cafes where space is limited and strictly structured.

I've also seen the Sanremo Torino Machine which is a retro design coffee maker inspired by the famous vintage radios. It has a big capacity boiler traditional machine suggested for busy coffee shops and business looking for eye-catching and stylish retro looks.

I love that they served coffees to the guest so we can actually see how the machine works.
Ofcourse i'll not hesitate to get a cup since i am really really curious on how it works.
So we went to the Verona RS Coffee machine, we were asked if we want latte or cappuccino.
I tried the latte and i was really amazed with the machine and latte art. 

TriviaVerona RS is the latest UK Barista Championship machine.

The President of the Concept Specialist Inc. were also present during the event.
He introduced the Concept Specialist Inc.

It was opened year 1998 and started with a vision to 
provide convenient products to the food and beverages industry
 while maintaining consistent high product quality. 
It has since then garnered distributorships of some leading 
brands for the Philippine market’s demand.
The company also markets and distributes global brands such as Sanremo.

 Mr. Robert Francisco also talked about the "Third Wave Coffee Concept"
He discussed that the third wave coffee concept artisans offer a tasty alternative,
it is the new generation of tattooed eyebrow pierced baristas attempt to re-educate coffee drinkers about the importance of how coffee was grown, harvested, roasted, ground and brewed with the innovation of the traditional espresso machine to be smart with profiling capabilities. 

1st wave = coffee to consume
2nd wave = coffee to enjoy
3rd wave = coffee to appreciate

He also talked about the Coffee appreciation and about the 

Storage (How coffee is stored)
Roasting (Interpretation of the proper temperature and time of roasting of  a specific origin), 
Grinding (Interpretation of the granule size for each brewing method and brewing time)
Brewing (Skilled in alternative methods and chosen espresso machine)

And now, the moment we've been all waiting for....




The Technical Manager of Sanremo Australia, Mr. Ben Stephens explaining how the opera works.

The Opera is the brainchild of Carlo De Sordi who brought together the best barista and coffee engineering minds from across the world. Offering a unique styling, new level of extraction functionality and precise control over brew ratio.

The Opera was built as the most efficient and precisely engineered coffee machine in the world that the only way to fully appreciate it is to be in front of the machine.

Watch the Sanremo Opera, the revolution video here.

All of us were really amazed with the Opera, The Revolution.
It's features were really the best.
You can really see the excellence in every detail.

Congratulations for the successful launch.

Thank you Sanremo Philippines for inviting me :)
I've learned a lot and I really enjoyed the event.

For more information you can like their facebook page

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