Why you should visit SM City Pampanga

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Planning to visit Pampanga?
Well..you should not forget to drop by at SM Pampanga.

Photo from: SM City Pampanga facebook page

SM City Pampanga is located at the city of San Fernando.
Did you know that SM City Pampanga is the longest mall in the Philippines?
SM Pampanga has a total building length of 668 meters with a
total gross floor area of 128,089 square-meters.

I've actually known this trivia when i visited SM Pampanga last November 28, 2014.
It's my first visit and i was amazed on how cool SM Pampanga is.
Why cool? cause they have a lot of fun events in store for their customers.

If you're living near Pampanga and regularly visiting this mall
you might actually witnessed the "Pampanga is my runway".


Last November 28, 2014 , I was invited to watch and witness the "Pampanga is my runway".
The first thing that pops up on my mind is a fashion show because of the word runway.
We arrived around 3pm so we still have time to go around the mall.

I've noticed some mini stages at the mall and it was placed on different places.
I was thinking it was just for promotion because i don't think 100 models would fit in that mini stage
but i'm wrong, the runway was actually the whole mall since it was declared as the
Longest Mall In The Philippines, I got even more excited.
It's my first time to witness a unique fashion show.
SM Pampanga is literally the models runway. Cool isn't it? :)

Before 5pm we can hear some fast beat drums music..
It might be the signal that in a few minutes the event will start.

When the models started to walk while showcasing the 
holiday collection of different clothing brands,
the crowd goes really wild!

Just take a look at the crowd..

SM City Pampanga also invited DJ Ace Ramos and DJ Kevin
to hype the crowd!

I really love EDM Music! Wohooo.
There were also some singers who performed up beat songs at the event.

It was really really a fun experience.
Me and my blogger friends actually run fast just to follow those models.
It's super fun! This will be one of the memorable fashion show that I've attended.
If you want to witness #PampangaIsMyRunway, catch it up every last Friday of the month.

Since we're at the SM Pampanga already, We also visited the SkyRanch Pampanga.


The Skyranch Pampanga is the embedded in a 10,000 square meter land of SM City Pampanga in the City of San Fernando which was developed by SM Prime Holdings Inc in partnership with S&T Leisure Inc. and Westech Philippines, It is the newest destination and first amusement park for both local residents and tourists in the north of Luzon which opened last November 30, 2014 with 22 exciting rides.

Here's some of the exciting rides to try!

The Pampanga Eye / Big Wheel is the tallest and biggest in the Philippines 
which is composed of 32 air-conditioned gondolas. 
It is 65 meters in height and 50 meters in diameter and 
can accomodate up to 128 persons per cycle.

The Express Train is a trackless train ride where kids and adult may enjoy
 while roaming around the park. It can accomodate up to 12 guests 
and will take 9-10 mins per ride.

The Double Decker Carousel is designed by Peter Petz Productions of Germany which are pre-dated 100 years and gives it a classic feel since carousel is the classic favorite ride of all time wherein magical look horses rotates in counter-clockwise/clockwise direction and moves up & down.
 Kids and adult above 4ft can experience the ride. Speed is adjustable.

The Space Shuttle swivels with three cycle going to the right and three cycle going to the left.
The excitement of this ride is the same as Top Dancer of Tagaytay and Astroliner of SMBY.

List of Skyranch Exciting Rides 

  • The Big Wheel
  • Loop Roller Coaster
  • Octopus Ride
  • Space Shuttle
  • Bumper Boat
  • Canoe Ride
  • Convoy Tours
  • Field Runner
  • Super Viking
  • Dream Log
  • Music Express
  • Exoress Train
  • Mini Viking
  • Gear SHift
  • Drop Tower
  • Kangaroo Jump
  • Walk on Water
  • Sky Cruiser
  • Bungee Jump
  • Double Decker Carousel
  • Wonderflight

Skyranch Pampanga is open for walk-in customers and group tours.

Opening Schedule

Weekdays (Monday-Thurs)
3PM to 12MN
Weekends (Friday-Sunday)
12NN to 12MN

For more details please call (045) 9637681 or (02)7128015

Now you guys know why you should visit SM City Pampanga!

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