White or Gold versus Blue and Black Dress Debate

Friday, February 27, 2015

What's the real score?
Is it really blue and black or white and gold?
I'm pretty sure all of you guys know what i am talking about.
And for those who can't still relate on what the whole world is talking about
here's the photo of the dress:

Photo from: Tumblr
Honestly, I am one of the millions of people who are debating
if the color of this dress is white and gold or blue and black.

Me and my boyfriend was wondering why this dress trended worldwide.
We find it very mediocre. Like. Hello! It's just a dress?
So we started searching for that dress on google.
While looking at the dress, the exact words that I've said to my boyfriend was
" Oh, What's so special about that dress. It's just a white and gold dress?"
And he was totally shocked. He called my mom and asked the color of the dress.
Both of them said it was color blue and black.
They really thought i was joking but hell no!

I can really see a " WHITE & GOLD DRESS "

Is it just the photo or my eyes?
I decided to look for an answer.
I've searched some articles regarding this dress.

Photo from: Mashable
Mashable.com says the original color of the dress is blue and black.
 They stated that the reason why some people are seeing this dress
as white and gold was because the other picture was overexposed.
Take a look at the photo, the left was the original photo while on the right 
side was the overexposed photo. 

But, I don't know. It still looks white and gold!
But sometimes, I can see the color blue and black.
But when the moment i close my eyes and take a look again..
It looks white and gold again!! 
I guess it's really not because of the brightness and contrast of the photo.
Is it really my eyes?

What about you guys?


 I surrender!
It really looks white and gold!

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