Guidelines and Survival Tips 101: The Zombie Room: Breakout @ Trinoma

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Do you love playing interactive games?
What will you do if you were trapped 
in a cage with your friends and a zombie?
oops! ZOMBIES? 

Breakout Philippines is known for their interactive games,
Breakout provides a totally unique experience with a
 realistic and sophisticated built environment. 
They encourage players to PLAN as a team, 
SOLVE puzzles collaboratively
 in order to ESCAPE before the time expires.

Breakout Philippines have created a special event for players.
"The Zombie Room"
It is located at the 4th level of Trinoma Mall, Garden Area.


Here's the game!

It’s dark. You’ve been popping in and out of consciousness not knowing where you are.
Then you discover you are in a cage.

At least you’re alive, for now. You hear a growl. A sound you only hear in nightmares.
You see a zombie across the room.

You and your friends have 30 minutes to escape from not only the room but the flesh eating zombie as well.

Can you Breakout or will you become zombie bait?

Well, here's some survival tips for you!

Survival Tip #1

This is a game wherein participants will be trapped in a room with a chained zombie.
 Don’t worry; there will absolutely be no physical contact between the zombie and the participants

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Always remember that it's just a game.
Breathe in and Breathe out!
Don't Panic! Don't let your emotions control you.
You need to focus and think of a plan with your team mates.

Survival Tip #2

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You need to create your game plan.
Talk to your team mates and prepare yourselves.
Always expect the unexpected.
You need to open your mind and think more about the
 plan on how to survive this game.

Survival Tip #3

Participants will have to escape the room by collecting items,
 identifying clues, solving mysteries, and breaking puzzles within 30 minutes.

You and your teammates must find more clues.
You need to analyze each item that you will find.
Keep it and use it!
Don't stop searching for clues!
Divide your group, some will find clues and
 other team members must identify each clues.

Survival Tip #4

The game requires teamwork, observation, creativity, 
and communication to beat the game.

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Always remember that you are a team.
Everybody must work hard and find the key.
Divide the Task and Multiply the Success!

Survival Tip #5

Last but not the least.


The game is for everyone. This game is open for those aged 1 to 100 years old
 but children below the age of 13 should be accompanied by adults and
 those aged 101 and above get to play for free.

  1. 1-8 persons are allowed inside the room but we recommend just 6. If your group is less that the maximum number, you can opt to combine with other groups to try and get as much help as you can.
  2. Please arrive at the venue at least 15 minutes earlier than your time slot. The 30-minute timer will start on the dot which means participants who arrive late can still play the game but will have less time to work with.
  3. Cellphones, cameras, tablets, recorders, papers, pens, and other means of recording the game are strictly not permissible. There will be a security check before entering the rooms. Breakout will offer a locker area where you can store these items and claim after the game.
  4. Please handle with care the props inside the room. Breaking or damaging an item will make you liable for potential charges.
  5. Items that are marked with the Breakout logo are out of bounds and do not contain any clues. Do not waste your time on these items.
  6. Price is only P300 per head (with P50 surchage for online transactions). Interested participants can register through Breakout’s website

I have tried the game and it was so fun!
I can't spoil the exact game but you really need to look for
more clues and be observant! Take a look at the whole place and search for any item that you can use. :)

This game is really perfect not only for barkadas but for family as well. Start adding Breakout PH game on your bonding list!

Trust me! It's Super fun!

You only have until March 22, 2015 to try this game so hurry!

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  1. Will there be a prize if you finished the game within thirty minutes?