Stronghand Shooting Range (Guidelines + Review)

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Who says swimming is just the perfect activity this summer?
Well, I guess not because i have found another
perfect summer activity to try.
 The Target Shooting at Stronghand Shooting Range.


Stronghand Shooting Range
is the Asia's first and only toxic free indoor shooting range, 
combining HEPA filter technology, turbine exhaust
 and non toxic components in their ammo.

Toxic free means the absence of the four harmful toxins
 commonly found in practice shooting: 
air-borne lead, barium oxide, sulfur oxide, antimony oxide.

I'm a first timer and i really feel safe when i heard that this shooting range is toxic free.
Since i am a first timer, I really have no idea on what to do nor what will happen.
First, I surrendered my I.D at the registration area.

Guys when you're planning to visit Stronghand Shooting Range
make sure that you have a Government issued ID with you and 
you have to be at least 18 years of age.
Guest 16 to 17 years old must be accompanied by their parent/s.

No ID, No Shoot

You also have to make a reservation at least 3 days in advance

I have also filled up a form after surrendering my ID.
After filling up the form, I had a basic briefing with Mr. Randy Nanadiego
the NROI Chief Range Officer.

Seminar Room at Stronghand Shooting Range (Approx 100+ person can be accommodated)
Sir Randy discussed about 
"The Four Rules of Gun Safety"

#1 Consider Every Gun as Loaded


#2 Do not point gun at anything you do not intend to shoot.


#3 Keep your finger of the trigger until you are ready to shoot


#4 Know your target what lies around or beyond it


After discussing The 4 Rules of Gun Safety
He also teach me how to handle a pistol, clear a pistol
and shoot a target.

As the briefing ended, I really felt more nervous.
Imagine this is my first time to hold a real gun!

Ofcourse after the briefing, Here comes the target shooting!

DSCN6438 DSCN6469 DSCN6443 DSCN6468 

So, This is my target board. (nervous)


Here's the Pistol Gun and Bullets used for the target shooting.

DSCN6467 DSCN6462

Look at that akward smile while shooting.

20150423_145935 20150423_145829

Before sharing my score and insights.
Here's the Stronghand Shooting Range


Membership   Php5,000
Renewal         Php2,000

             Range Fee                         = P100 (Member) P500    (Guest) P750    (Foreign)
             Firearm Rental                  = P300 (Member) P500    (Guest) P750    (Foreign)
             Lesson                               = P800 (Member) P1,000 (Guest) P1,500 (Foreign)
             Ultrasonic Gun Cleaning  = P500 (Member) P1,000 (Guest) P1,500 (Foreign)

          Non-Toxic Ammo:

                                                       9MM         P9 (Member)   P10 (Guest)
                                                       40SW        P10.35              P11.50
                                                       45ACP      P10.35              P11.50
                                                       38SPL       P9                     P10
                                                       380ACP    P8.10                P9
                                                       357SIG     P10.35              P11.50
                                                       357MAG  P10.80              P12
                                                       10MM      P10.80              P12
                                                       38SPR      P10.35              P11.50
                                                      44MAG    P14.85              P16.50


I'm so proud of myself. (lol)
Look at my target board :)


The whole experience was totally fun and exciting.
I almost gave up because my hands were weak and i am really afraid
every time i'm pulling the trigger but with the help of  the range officers, I've made it!
 I am so happy that i have faced my fear. If you are first timers just like me
Please don't hesitate to try the target shooting at Stronghand.
It was an unforgettable experience! Stronghand Shooting Range
isn't just a safe and toxic free environment, I also have witnessed
 how they value their customers.

Stronghand Shooting Range 
definitely provides total safety, comfort
and a super fun experience that everyone must try!


Non-Toxic Range
No Air-borne Lead - No Sulfur Dioxide - No Barium Oxide - No Antimony Oxide

La Defense Building 1660 E. Rodriguez Sr. Ave., Cubao QC.

For more information visit:

Digital Marketing Firm
La Defense Building 1660 E. Rodriguez Sr. Ave., Cubao QC.

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