7 Flavors Restaurant ( Bakery,Cafe & Buffet)

Sunday, May 24, 2015


It has been few weeks since i posted a food review.
I guess this is the perfect time because i have recently visited a restaurant
that is really worth writing for.

The 7 Flavors (Bakery, Cafe & Buffet)

It is located at A. Mabini Street, Addition Hills, San Juan.
7 Flavors is the best example of the word "all in one!" because
7 Flavors has an artisan bakery, gourmet cafe and world fusion buffet.

Looking from the outside of 7 flavors makes me really get attracted
to visit and dine. I super love how this restaurant was furnished and designed.

Before entering the gourmet cafe, you'll get to see this panorama portrait.
It's Chef Boy Logro! Me and my dad loves to watch his cooking show on tv.
"Ping Ping Ping!" When i saw his photo, I was like "Is he the owner of the 7 flavors?"
And my guess was right! He is a part owner of this restaurant.


Here's the 7 Flavors Artisan Bakery where you'll get some
fresh bread, savory pies and baked goodies.
Of-course i wouldn't leave the bakery without
trying their special 7 Flavors Ensaymada!


The 7 Flavors Ensaymada (P50.00)

It has literally 7 flavors which is the
butter, pandan, cheese, ube, coconut, flan, and bacon.
Even though this ensaymada has 7 flavors, it doesn't taste weird.
The combination of all the flavors were really good.
It's definitely a must try!




After the artisan bakery, I've also visited the gourmet cafe.
As i have entered the cafe, their staff greeted me with a smile.
"Well, That's a plus for me!" They're all very accommodating.
It looks like they really love their work.


Look at the cool menu board!
*Sorry i wasn't able to take the whole photo, I was focused on the 7 flavors haha*



7 Flavors Gourmet Cafe is a fresh and casual dining spot, 
nestled with lush urban confines of San Juan.

7 Flavors cafe serves pastries, milkshakes, smoothies and coffee beverages.
They also have all day breakfast, sandwiches, soup, appetizers and pasta.


If the artisan bakery has the special 7 flavors ensaymada,
Gourmet Cafe has the 7 flavors cheesecake!

The 7 Flavors Cheesecake (P120.00)
It is a calamansi infused cheesecake on 
a coconut and graham crust with ube and langka 
Topped with frosted coffee cream, 
durian mixture and chocnut crumble.

This one is also good but i love the ensaymada over the cheesecake.

DSCN6996   DSCN7015 DSCN7043

Last stop, the world fusion buffet!
A foodie's paradise, lovingly crafted by a celebrated 
master of the arts, renowned, Chef Boy Logro.

7 Flavors World Fusion Buffet
 serves different dishes from several regions everyday

 ( Chinese Treasures )

( Viva Italia )

( Espanya Cena )

( Rasta Jamaica )

( Rustic Germany )

( Fisher's Feast )

( Samurai Specials )


Here are the food choices during our visit 

 DSCN7062DSCN7059 DSCN7057 DSCN7055 DSCN7050 DSCN7036 DSCN7035 DSCN7033 DSCN7032 DSCN7031 DSCN7030 DSCN7029

My Top 3 Food Picks

Bagoong Rice

If you guys know me very well, you might know that i love eating rice over anything else.
Whether it's plain or fried rice, i just love eating rice. It's my first time to try the Bagoong Rice and i must say that it's really delicious. I now have a new favorite! 

Pork Bagnet with Fermented Shrimp

I love how the flavorful pork bagnet with fermented shrimp
 matched very well with the bagoong rice.
It's a perfect combination! 

Korean Style Mafu Tofu

I love how it was cooked. It's super yummy! I love tofu!!


Buffet isn't complete without the . . .

You have a lot of choices, so there's no problem.
They also have sandwich and salad corner.
If you also love grilled food, there's a grilling station beside the dessert section.

 Overall, I really enjoyed my visit.
All staffs were smiling and very accommodating.
The food is so delicious plus it's very affordable.
P399.00 for lunch and P499.00 for dinner.
I am pretty sure that i will go back again with my family and friends.

You guys should try the 7 Flavors!
You'll definitely agree with me :)

By the way, 7 Flavors Buffet has a 20% discount promo until June 14, 2015

For more information visit:


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196 A. Mabini Street, Addition Hills

San Juan del Monte

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