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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Do you know what's the best feeling in the world?
That's the feeling when you have finally achieved one of your goals.
One of my goals is to finish my studies and guess what?
I did it!

I graduated with a degree of Business Administration Major in Financial Management.
As part of my graduation, of course i need to have a graduation picture.
I was expecting that the school will provide the photo but this time,
We need to look for a studio on our own.

Luckily, there's a photo studio few steps away from our school.

"Portraits and Frames Studio"

 As we've checked their rates, I'm amazed on how it is affordable
compared with other studio that offers graduation packages.

I am a person who always check sample photos before i make a final decision.
I am more of the quality over the quantity, as long as the photos are all beautiful
i am very willing to pay.I've seen the grad photos of other business ad students taken at portraits
and it was all good.

 Most of them were really satisfied and happy with their photos.
So, I've talked to my major buddies and decided to have our
graduation photos taken at Portraits and Frames Studio.

We availed the Graduation Package worth P1,499
(1pc) 8R | (2pcs) 3R | (6pcs) Wallet Size
- Unlimited Shots
- Choose 4 Best Shots
- Chosen shots will be digitally enhanced
- Free use of toga
- Inclusive of hair and make-up services

Additional photos = P100 each

Here's some of my graduation photos :)


What do you guys think?
The quality is really good :)
*two-thumbs up for Portraits!*

Here's my casual wear photo.

If you guys don't know how to pose on the camera, that isn't a problem.
The Photographer (Ms. Mel) will help you! :)
She know what's the best angle for you.

After the photos taken, it will be digitally enhanced
 for free with the help of Sir Rhed.

Guess what? Portraits & Frames Studio even gave us a free Barkada photo!

For me, having my photos taken at Portrait & Frames Studio is really worth it.
High Quality Photos + Affordable Price!
They are very accommodating as well.
There's nothing more i could ask for.

Here's the guide on how to go to Portraits & Frame Studio

Let me know guys what you think, Feel free to email me or leave a comment.

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