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Thursday, June 04, 2015

All of us wants to achieve our hair color
Of course whatever happens, 
we will do something just to achieve that dream color
We might do it on our own or have it colored at the Salon.
But whatever it is, It's best to use the right product.
Some products claims "that" color and eventually the results were very far.
I've personally experienced that and i felt really really bad.
Now, I want to share this not because it's sponsored
but the product is really great and effective.

I am talking about none other than . . .

Elgon is a professional hair color brand from Milan, Italy
 Established in 1970, it is now present in 70 countries including the Philippines
It is exclusively distributed here in the Philippines by Beauty Lane Phils Inc.

Since, i wanted to achieve the blonde hair look
I didn't hesitate to try the Elgon product at Beauty Lane.

So here's my hair before it was colored.


As you can see, it's dry and damaged because of the bleach
that i used before plus the color is uneven because it wasn't done professionally.
Are you guys excited what does it look like after?

Before that, here's the process of the hair coloring treatment.

Just like the normal procedure, first you need to use shampoo and conditioner
before applying the coloring cream.

Here's the product used:


After applying the Elgon Hair Coloring Cream, we've waited for 20-30 minutes



Then, they washed my hair and added some treatment gel, the luminoil.


They blow dry-ed my hair then they applied some argan oil.
Then taaaaaaaraaaaaan.


Look how beautiful it is.
Although there's a little uneven part because of my old hair color
I really really love the result! If i will be given a chance to color my hair
again someday, I wouldn't hesitate to use Elgon products.
It doesn't just color my hair, it was also treated very well.
The hair damage was lessen and it became more smooth and soft.
I personally admire Elgon products, If all salon are using this product
there will be no bad hair day. I am sure with that!
Trust me, I've tried it.

DSCN7278 DSCN7352

All i can say is, Elgon is really the best!
Thanks to Beauty Lane for distributing this amazing product here in the Philippines.
No need to travel miles away just to achieve our dream hair color because Elgon is finally here!

Aside for the hair products, Beauty lane also offers



Fabulash is the first and only local beauty brand of
professional eyelash extension that gives you the 
volume and length you’ve always dreamed of.

Too bad, i can't share with you my personal insights
cause i haven't tried it yet.


But here's how it looks like when it 's applied on your lashes.


See how adorable it is?
I witnessed my co-blogger who tried the fabulash
and they're all happy. They super love their lashes!

If you want to order different beauty supplies


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