Calayan celebrates 20 years of beauty with a blast!

Friday, June 05, 2015

Dr. Manny and Dra. Pie Calayan together with their daughters 
celebrated the twentieth years of success in helping 
women and men become even more beautiful.


We're all rejoicing because after 5 years, Dra. Pie Calayan is finally back!
Founders and owners of the prestigious CALAYAN SURGICENTRE
Dr. Manny and Pie Calayan have long recognized the Filipino men and women
 to have a truly clear, fair, soft and smooth unblemished complexion 
despite being exposed to humid, tropical climate and polluted environment 
which tend to cause skin problems, which unless checked may worsen.
Both have thus, decided it's time to share their best kept secret:
 a simple regimen that with continued use can really give the desired result.

They have revealed the " Calayan Secrets "


Say a final goodbye with the skin problems because Calayan Secrets is finally here.
Calayan Secrets Skin Whitening Body Beauty Bar 
is specially formulated by Dra. Pie Calayan that contains
Glutathione, Kojic Acid and Vitamin C to help us achieve our desire beautiful skin.

It has for men and women, Calayan Secrets also offers
Whitening Deo Roll-on and Sunscreen Lotion.

" 5 years in the making yan bago maiformulate and mailabas sa market kasi kailangan pumunta pako kay Dra. Pie para ipatest sakanya bago nya i-approve yung product tsaka ko i-go go. Kaya talagang napakaganda ng products namin kasi it's formulated by the one and only Dra. Pie Calayan "

 Dr. Manny Calayan


"We make sure that with the soap, talagang na-try namin lahat 
within the family and everbody were happy with the results."  
- Dra. Pie Calayan


"The Calayan Secrets Beauty Bar is also good for acne, we have friends na nagtry nung soap and eventually nawala yung acne nila so ang galing talaga, It's also for whitening and moisturizing."
- Daughters

DSCN7272 DSCN7273

When it comes also to the packaging and outlook of the products, their daughters were in charge with that because they know what's the latest trend today,

The secret to achieving clear, smooth and fairer skin starting with the face and down the tips and soles of the feet is now revealed for every man and woman to uncover ,with every use of 
Calayan Secrets Skin Whitening Beauty Bar.

I am now currently using the Calayan Beauty Bar and i must say it's really good on my skin.
My mom loves it so much, she noticed that her skin glows more.
I can't wait to try the sunblock and deo very soon.
As soon as I've tried it already i'll let you guys know my review.

If you guys want to try the Calayan Secrets Skin Whitening Beauty Bar it's 
now available in all Mercury Drug Stores.

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