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Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Ever since i was a kid, i envy those people who was luckily 
given a natural thick eyebrows and eyelashes.
Having a thin brows and lashes makes my self esteem really low.
It feels like "I'm an Alien!?"
When i learned about the eyebrow pencil and mascara,
I became the happiest person in the world. (exaggerated)
But seriously, it helped me a lot.

But not all the time you can wear a make-up
and sometimes i really feel like i'm too lazy to wear a make-up.
Now, I've discovered something new!
Something that would really help us build 
our confidence and be naturally beautiful.

It's the embroidery services by

The Eyebrowdery

The Eyebrowdery offers a 3D Permanent Make-up which is the 
Make-up Embroidery. It has become known with different countries such as
Singapore, Korea, Japan and Hongkong. The Eyebrowdery was established to offer the most innovative way of putting permanent make-up on our glorious faces. I am really happy and amazed their materials come from natural plant extracts thus making it very organic, 
environment friendly, and 100% safe.

Want a virtual tour at The Eyebrowdery?
Click the video below:

Video by: Ralph Adversario of PMCM

If you guys are following me on my social media sites,
You might have seen some of my journey when i tried their
Eyebrow Embroidery. I am really really excited to share my experience 
with you guys but before that just to make things more exciting! (haha)

The Eyebrowdery also offers an Eyeliner embroidery and Lips embroidery.

Wait, I have been talking a lot about the embroidery
and yet i haven't explain what is an embroidery.

Embroidery is different with the tattoo.
 3D Makeup Embroidery is a semi permanent technique
 using a color pigment drawn onto the skin 
resulting to a natural looking eyebrows. 
The technique used is natural feathering of hair like
 strokes creating a beautifully designed.

So before i share the procedure of the Eyebrow Embroidery.
Let's take a look first at the Eyeliner and Lips Embroidery.

Eyeliner Embroidery

"Eyeliner can be drawn on upper lashes, beneath lower lashes or even both.
It always enhance the eye shape and beautifies the eyes may it be tight lined ot even winged."

They have applied first a topical anesthesia around her eyes,
before Ms. Klarisse drawn the eyeliner on her eyes.
I have seen the whole procedure and it's pretty fast.
The procedure lasted for just an hour or less.
As you can see, her left eye is more defined than her right eye.
It really looks so natural and her eyes become more glowing.

Below is the final photo of her eyes.
I super love the result, Her eyes became more alive.

Next is the Lips Embroidery.

Lips Embroidery

Lips Emboridery is a procedure that tones up your lips to a more
natural pinkish color instead of dull and lifeless shade.
You can actually choose a color that compliments your skin.
It's Safe and very practical, saves your money in a long run and
you are ready to kiss all the time.

Here's the actual photos during our visit.

Here's the before photo.
(Natural Lip Color)

Same process just like the eyeliner,
They applied some topical anesthesia on her lips
and covered it with a plastic wrap for 30-45 minutes.

I've noticed that there's a little bit pain on this procedure 
because our lips are very sensitive.
They also informed us that there's also some tendency for it to be inflamed.

The procedure lasted for about 2 - 2 1/2 hours 

Here's the actual after photo.
(Sorry i took this photo while they're applying a gel on her lips)

I love the new color of her lips, after several days it will eventually fade
to make it look more a natural lip tint. Isn't it so amazing?

Now we're down to the last one.
This time, It's my own experience.

Eyebrow Embroidery

Eyebrow Embroidery is a different procedure than the eyebrow tattooing.
In eyebrow tattooing, the procedure aims for a permanent brow shape and structure
which eventually fades off into colors green, blue or reddish in tone.
Eyebrow Embroidery is also known as eyebrow hairline stroke in Canada,
It is a semi-permanent technique using a vegetable dye pigment drawn onto the
skin giving us a natural looking eyebrows. You will wake up with natural looking make-up
for embroidery gives us an additional fine strand of eyebrows.

Now, here's the before photo of my eyebrows.
As you can see i have an uneven thin eyebrows.

By the way, in the embroidery treatments.
The owner of The Eyebrowdery, Ms. Klarisse Tabao will be the one
who'll be doing it on their clients. I'll give you guys a short biography of Ms. Klarisse.

klarisse sitting2
 Ms. Klarisse Tabao  studied Eyebrow, Eyeliner, and Lips Embroidery in Aesthetics International Academy in Singapore which specializes in all kinds of beauty services and was coached by Miss Dolly Tan who is known globally for her embroidery prowess. Miss Dolly praises Klarisse for her natural skills when it comes to beautifying anything she touches.
When she got in the Philippines, she trained her beauty specialists herself with the knowledge she acquired from one of the safest and pioneers of the said technology and is very much ready to make it a point to make each and every Filipina look their best all the time!
So first, Ms. Klarisse outlined my brows using an eyebrow pencil
and measured it using a string of thread.

After we've agreed with the final shape of my brows,
Her assistant applied a topical anesthesia on my eyebrows
and covered it using a plastic wrap for 30 minutes.

After 30 minutes, they wiped off the anesthesia.
and started doing the procedure.

There are not using any machine in the embroidery.
There's a metal hand tool used for the embroidery,
Ms. Klarisse carefully drawn hairline strokes on my brows using the hand tool
dipped with a light brown color pigment.

It was a step by step process until she filled in the whole eyebrows.
I'm amazed that there's no pain at all.
My blogger friends were asking me all the time if it hurts
and even up until the end of the treatment, I haven't feel any pain.

Below is the photo after the procedure.
It looks super natural, It looks like i have an eyebrow make-up.

Her assistant, applied some color pigment on my eyebrows.
They applied it so that the color pigment will last more longer.

After the whole treatment, my brows became really really darker
but they have informed me that after a couple of days it will start peeling off
to reveal the natural color.

So here's my journey..

Expect a temporary dark eyebrows after the eyebrow embroidery.
All you have to do is balance the dark eyebrows with an eye makeup.
I applied some eyeliner and red lip color to make it look balanced.

After a week, it started to peel off.
Yes i know it looks really awful.
My friends like "Yikes! What happen to your brows?!"
This is really the hardest part for me cause aside from it doesn't look good
and it's different to hide, It cause me a lot of dermatitis around my eyebrow area because 
after the treatment you are not allowed to wash your eyebrows for a week,
By the way, it's because i really have a sensitive skin, so if your skin is really healthy
 there would be no problem. It was also a little bit itchy, i am really tempted to scratch it off but i can't. I admit that i really got scared and i asked them if it's normal and they said that it really is.

I've waited for another week again until it was peeled off.
Here's the photo of what it looks like after the peeling process.
As you can see, it revealed a natural light color.
It's because 70% of the color pigment was removed.
They have informed me that after several weeks it will became more naturally darker.
Even though it looks very light, you can really see some changes compared with my natural brows.

I've decided to wait for another more week . . . 

Eventually, it became naturally darker!
I really love the result of the eyebrow embroidery!
It really really looks natural! Right guys?
Compared with my real eyebrows, my eyebrows now became more thick and defined.
I never regret that i have tried the Eyebrow Embroidery!
By the way, they informed me that the true effects will show up after 4-6 weeks.
So there's a tendency that my brows will be more beautiful.
The vegetable pigment used on my brows are semi permanent so 
they need to retouch within a year. 

I would like to thank The Eyebrowdery and PMCM Events
for this wonderful opportunity. Every girls dream is to be more beautiful.
Now that dream turned into a reality!

If you're like me who dreamed to have a beautiful brows,
maybe this is the answer to your dreams.
It's very safe and effective!

The Eyebrowdery is just waiting for you :)

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