Skin Nourish (Skincare tips + Product review)

Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Hi girls! I know you guys have followed me on my acne battle journey.
And with the help of Luminisce i was able to manage my breakouts.
I'll be creating a seperate blog post about Luminisce again as soon as i'll
have the courage to share my scary before photos. Well now,
i want to share some skin care tips plus a product review of Skin Nourish.

Skin Nourish sent me some items last month for me to try,
I have a very sensitive skin that makes my skin frequently breaks out.
It really sucks when i have to wake up in the morning looking at my face
full of pimps. So i am really careful when it comes to skin care products.

Skin Nourish Kit

The Skin Nourish Kit comes with an orange whitening soap, sunblock gel/cream,
rejuvenating cream, rejuvenating toner and rejuvenating lotion.

Honestly, I am not actually briefed well about the product but all i know
is it's good for an acne prone skin.

So all I'm gonna share was my personal experience about the product.

I really think that the orange whitening soap of Skin Noursh
has a similarity with the famous Kojic Soap which is known for
its skin lightening benefits. Aside from the whitening it also helps remove
acne and acne scars. My cousins have tried Kojic Soap before and it was effective.
Going back to the Orange Whitening Soap, it has a citrus scent that makes me
more relaxed whenever i used them. Although on the first 3 days that i have used this soap
there's some tiny pimps popped out on my face. I guess my skin was just adjusting..
A week later, they eventually disappeared.

Right after washing my face with the orange whitening soap,
 I was advised to use the rejuvenating toner.

Skin Nourish has two different creams, the Sunblock Gel/Cream and the
Rejuvenating Cream.

I am using the sunblock gel/cream every morning after using the orange whitening soap
and rejuvenating toner. Meanwhile the rejuvenating cream is advisable to use at night.

I really think that the most important skin care routine that you must never forget
is applying a sunblock. Our skin needs a lot of protection from the sun because it damages our skin.
Long exposure to the sun will make your skin dry and dull.
 So please! Never forget to apply a sunblock. 

Another Skin Care Tip.

Drinking a lot of water will makes your skin glow.
It also helps in reducing acne scars and breakouts.
It's less expensive plus it will makes you more healthy!

Last product to feature is the Skin Nourish Rejuvenating Lotion.
I think this one's for the over-all skin protection.
There's no guide on when can i use this product so i am using it
every morning and evening :)

Before i say my personal thoughts about the product 
Here's a guide on how to use the Skin Nourish Rejuvenating Kit.


Orange Whitening Soap
Rejuvenating Toner
Sunblock Gel/Cream


Orange Whitening Soap
Rejuvenating Toner
Rejuvenating Cream

Over-all, i really think this product is good for a skin maintenance.
If you have an acne prone skin you may want to try this product.
I am using this product for a month now and so far i am not having
any breakouts. I also feel more refreshed when every time i am using
this product. My skin were more soft and moisturized.
 My acne scars were still there but i can see a difference.
It's becoming lighter than before, by the way i am also using an 
Epi-duo gel for my acne. You can also try that product, it's very effective.

If you want to see my latest selfie photos
head over to my facebook page.

For more information about Skin Nourish
visit: Skin Nourish facebook page.

For Skin Nourish Rejuvenating Set Orders:

Send your complete:
*Contact #*

Send to 09175281847

Modes of Payment

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*Smart Money*


Via LBC Manila (100) Province (160)
Via Philfox Manila (50) Province (100)

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