Maybelline NYFW Georgina Wilson Make Up Tutorial

Saturday, October 24, 2015

After featuring the Maybelline New York Fashion Week products
on my last post. Here's a quick make up tutorial inspired
by Ms. Georgina Wilson, the endorser of Maybelline New York.

Photo source:

Photo source:

You may watch the 15 sec make up tutorial clip at the end of this blog post.

 What i have noticed about Georgina's make-up
 is more of a nude shade or smokey eyes.
 So i decided to focus more on the brows & eye makeup.

PS: I'm not a professional make up artist

Here's my before photo


We'll start off with the brows.
Yay! I'm so ready to make it on fleek again!

First, You need to outline the eyebrow shape that you want.
After outlining, you can shave the excess hair or pluck it.
For me, i don't really recommend plucking. It's better to shave or
try the eyebrow threading.


Next is fill it in. Remember to fill it carefully and lightly or else
it will make your brow super thick


After filling it in, you need to blend it using a brush.
Blend it very well.


After brushing your brows, it will eventually look like this.


If you're still un-contented and you want your brows to look perfect.
You may apply a concealer, if you don't have a concealer,
liquid foundation is a great alternative.


Look, it is more defined now!


Let's check out the difference


So, you guys love concealer now right?
Now let's start with the eye makeup.

I decided to use the color tattoo 24hr for my eyeshadow.

DSCN9788 DSCN9797

Honestly, i love to use my fingertips instead of using an eyeshadow brush
because it helps me blend the shadow very well.



After applying the Maybelline Color Tattoo, I'm gonna use the Maybelline Gel Liner.




Lastly, don't forget to use the Maybelline Hypercurl Mascara.
It will make your eyes look fuller and bolder :)

Here's the 15 sec makeup tutorial video!

Achieve this Georgina wilson look by using Maybelline NYFW featured products.
Plus! Get a chance to win an exciting Maybelline trip at New York
by simply purchasing NYFW featured products in Maybelline counters
nationwide! Who know we might just win together :) #MaybellineNYFW

Let's #MakeItHappen in New York!

Till our next beauty talk loves

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