Super New, Super You With Maybelline's Super BB Cream

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Hi everyone! I am finally back with a bang!!
Unfortunately, is gone due to some
unexpected matters. I would also like to apologize for being inactive
this past few months because of  the website problem. 
I've been and still grieving (yes. literally grieving)
cause i need to start from scratch again, I almost lose hope and
thought of leaving this blogger world but i can't because i love to
write and i love to share. I've also realized that i still have you guys
who always keeps on sending out sweet messages.
Thank you loves! Enjoy the revamped version of Sumptuous Style!
Ooops! It is now "The Sumptuous Style" :)

 photo DSCF1165_zpsvtufbtey.jpg

Since i am back with a new site,
 I would like to share a new product review that all girls would really love!
Early 2016, I have pondered many things and thought of what will 2016 brings.
 I still don't know yet but i do hope that it will bring a huge luck not just
for me but for everyone of us. Before talking about the review,  
I want to share first my new years resolution this year..
any guess? well actually, I decided to be more "Adventurous" this year. 
Why? I really want to try something new because i have never been
 in to sports ever. So early this year, i bought a new
bike for me and now i am starting to love cycling. 

 photo DSCF1191 COPY_zpsrno7xpfu.jpg

Moving forward, since we are talking about new things.
Here's a new product that i would like to share.
It's the Maybelline's Super BB Cream.

Maybelline welcomes a super new and super you this 2016 
with their newest product, the Super BB cream. 
The Super BB Cream currently has the highest coverage (SPF 50 PA++++) 
out of all their products and provides protection against pollution, 
harmful UV rays, and unnatural looking coverage.

 photo DSCF1167_zps5s1lcdxj.jpg

Guess what? This Super BB cream features a Mineral Guard Filter
 which leaves your skin free from the particles of pollution from our everyday city life.
Imagine how amazing this product is!?

 photo DSCF1168_zpsxdchcnpu.jpg

 photo DSCF1172_zps8uggk8ck.jpg


*SPF 50 that protects my skin from UV Rays

*Mineral Guard Filter perfect for manila's pollution

*High Coverage

*Easy to blend

*Covers Blemishes

*Best alternative for a regular sunblock

*Affordable because SRP is P399


*It doesn't control oilyness on skin but tolerable

 photo DSCF1166_zps3pirgz9n.jpg

I didn't expect that i'll be a fan of BB creams thanks to Maybelline!
 I love how this product makes my skin
more fresh and pore-less. It also gives a light feeling on my face.
 I felt like i wasn't wearing any cream at all. Lastly,
It is very easy to blend and it gives my skin a natural glow.

Be Super New, Super You with Maybelline's Super BB Cream!

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