Amazing Chan Lim Exhibit at SM North Edsa

Saturday, February 04, 2017

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For the whole month of January you have noticed an art exhibit located
at the SM North The Block activity area, and last Sunday (January 29, 2017), 
I had a chance to meet the artists behind the amazing brush strokes.
It's none other than,

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The Chan Lim Family of Artists

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According to the Chan Lim's website 
"The Chan Lim brothers are graced with a unique combination of artistic
talent and engineering aptitude. In the past four decades, the Chan Lims
have been actively involved in the arts. Professionally, each of the Chan Lim
brothers was able to carve a niche for themselves, holding key positions in
multi-national companies. Currently, there are already three generations of
the Chan Lim family actively involved in the arts."

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Their specialization is more of an oil based & watercolor painting.
There are over 300 artworks displayed at the Exhibit.

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"The revered family patriarch, Chan Lim, focuses on Western art, specializing
in Oil and Watercolor. His artwork is characterized by a delicate fusion of
Western and Eastern techniques on various media. The Chan Lim brothers
Alex , Felix , Rolex and Jolex largely produce Chinese Brush paintings.
Landscape, flora, and fauna are the predominant subject matter of the
brothers’ artworks." - Chan Lim's website

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They also have Chinese Scroll Painting displayed at the exhibit.
They used a rice paper & Chinese ink to create these amazing art piece.

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Their subject is more of a scenery, animals, plants & flowers and
take note, all paintings displayed are not for sale. When we asked why,
Mr. Alex Chan Lim said that they all have a permanent job & they are doing this
just because it is their passion.

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There are huge paintings that were made by different artists.
The Chan Lim artists works hand in hand just to create these amazing artworks.
Check out Chan Lim's oldest painting below:

done in the year 1966

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It feels really great to see a family that shares a common passion.
Bound by their passion for the arts, the Chan Lims are conducting
numerous art workshops, seminars, and on-the-spot painting
demonstrations. Their workshop fee is worth P6,000 per session for 3 hours.
Maximum students per class is 15 pax.
Art Classes are conducted in their family studio/gallery located in Pasig City.

By the way, you can still check out Chan Lim Artists amazing artworks
at SM North Edsa The Block until February 12, 2017.

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