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Sunday, April 02, 2017

Want a hassle-free shopping?
All you have to do is to choose an item then click and viola!
the product will be delivered at your doorstep.
Basically, online shopping isn't new because
there's actually a lot of shopping portals everywhere but the
question is, Is it safe to buy? Do they sell original items?
Is the quality worth to buy? These are some of the questions i always ask
to myself whenever i am interested on buying something via online.
Of-course nobody wants to waste money right? So we really need to be careful,
as what they always say "Think before you click"

So recently, i have discovered a new online shop in the Philippines.
They have launched the site last January 2017, i guess some of you might
heard about it already? It's none other than......


AttiGo is an an E-Commerce platform developed by Chronotron Inc.
and was launched on Beta version last January 10, 2017.

AttiGo provides easy and fast shopping experience for every user.

Do you guys know what i love about AttiGo?
They only partner with legitimate suppliers, which means we can
feel safe & secured that the product is 100% original and authentic.

Check out is also much easier with several payment options available for the user’s convenience,
including COD because AttiGo provides free shipping for above Php500 purchase within Metro Manila.
Better after-sales service for Filipino consumers.

You can also download the AttiGo app on ios or android device.
For ios users, this is what the app looks like:

AttiGo aims to provide trendy, unique, and limited edition items that are not readily
available anywhere else. (ex. Limited edition Be@rbrick iconic toys, action figures, sneakers, etc.)

The following screenshots and photos show
samples of different brands/items that AttiGo offers at the moment:

AttiGo also becomes a bridge between the Filipino entrepreneurs (even the small startups)
and the consumers because AttiGO is partnering with local companies with special & good high quality
products that are yet to be discovered by many.

AttiGo allow members to re-sell its products and earn through its PROFIT SHARING PROGRAM.
Members simply need to build their own store through the AttiGo website and promote its link
and sell to their friends and followers on social media.

Their friends can also earn by building their own store through this link,
promoting their store and selling to their followers, and so on.
Commissions can be earned in three levels.

And guess what?
AttiGo does not simply focus on online shopping,
but puts a high premium on paying back to the society as well
(partnership through World Vision and certain indigent communities).

So now i'm gonna show you what i got from AttiGO:

HEA Anachros KHA1792-1102

KHA1792-1102 Brown Rubber Strap Metal Case

Product details: We used to follow the norm vis-a-vis the trend. The time has come to break it and take things into your own hands.  "Anachros" watch will give you the twist you're looking for. The rubber bracelet and metal casing of Anachros perfectly fused, giving you a unique steampunk fusion that will surely blend to your own style. Day of the month, day of the week and seconds hand are fully functional. The combination of classic and modern look will fit whether you're a classic, dramatic, or the urban type. Time to change. Wear Anachros.

AttiGO also offers Master of Art watches.
You can also personalize your watch by putting a unique enduring statement
at the back of your M.O.A watch. Isn't it a perfect gift for your loved one?
I think we should thank Frances from AttiGo for creating wonderful masterpiece.

If you want to check more amazing items, 
just visit AttiGO online shop website below:
or simply download the AttiGO app on your android/ios devices.

Indeed, Hassle-free shopping are always the best!

Thank you AttiGo & Unisilvertime.

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