Top 5 Smartphone Charging Tips

Thursday, June 01, 2017

Your phone may be the top grossing smartphone in the market or
has the highest specs among the rest but without taking care of your phone's battery,
your phone will be considered "nothing. 

So why do we need to take care of our phone's battery?
It's simply because without a battery, our smartphone will be worthless.

Here are "Top 5 Smartphone Charging Tips" that will surely save your smartphone's life.

"Do Not Overcharge Your Smartphone"

Never keep the charger plugged in when your phone is fully charged.
Aside from the possibility to explode, it might cause damage on your battery.
Although there are some modern smartphones that can manage the power by
automatically stop charging when it's already full but you should remove your phone case
or use a case that allows heat dissipation.

Remember: Battery needs some rest too!

Imagine yourself working non-stop for hours i'd bet you'll feel the same way too.

"Avoid Draining The Battery"

As much as possible, avoid draining your battery.
When your power is below 50% try to conserve the energy by
clicking the power saver button on your phone.

A handy power-bank can also save your day!

"Keep The Batteries Cool"

Avoid leaving your phone charging on a hot temperature place because
batteries are sensitive that can also lead to explosion.
Also avoid putting your phone on top of the gaming computer or
even leaving it inside a hot car.

"Do not use fake chargers"

As much as possible, do not use fake chargers.
Every smartphone has its own specific charger, using
a fake universal charger might not be compatible on your phone that will
possibly lead to some charging & battery problems.

 For example: You started charging your phone at 40% and then after 3 hours
 when you checked your phone its battery percentage is only at 55%. 
Imagine how it consumes a lot of time & energy yet it doesn't fully charged your phone.
It just means that the charger is not compatible on your phone.

"Choose A Perfect Charging Cable"

Aside from your smartphone's original charging cable, you can
also try other amazing charging cable that is even more durable.
Just like this Magneto Magnetic Charging Cable which is compatible
on any IOS or Android devices.

It is a high quality strengthened charging cable that provides ultra fast charging &
ten (10) times durable than original cables. It is also MFI certified by Apple so there will be
no IOS incompatibility issues.

Type: USB A to magnetic connector
Standard Charging Current: 2.4A
Length: 3.28ft

You can buy the Magneto Magnetic Charging Cable

Make your smartphone's battery life last long with these Top 5 charging tips.
Remember that prevention is always better than cure.
Don't let your battery die & explode one day.

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