Everyday Fitness Party At Interactive Dance Revolution!

Monday, October 09, 2017

From 50kg to 58.5kg, 
Imagine the weight i gained for two years, I just gained 17 pounds. *sigh* 
Why? It's because i always eat BUT i never workout. Why?
I find working out a bit boring cause you do the usual exercise.
BUT everything has changed since i discovered a new place to workout.


It's none other than . . .

  "Interactive Dance Revolution"
located at 2/F J. Quinto Building, #37 Tomas Morato Quezon City, Philippines

So what's new with this fitness center?
It is a party-themed gym plus it's very budget friendly!

They actually have two rooms.
The Velodrome & The Temproom.

Here's what the Velodrome room looks like.



Velodrome is literally a room full of stationary bikes.
Coach focuses more on leg exercises, regularly cycling also burns a lot of calories and it
 helps boosting the immune system.

What i love about this room is the party-feels and how the coach guide her
fitness buds well.

Next is the Temproom.



You can do boxing, dancing & even circuit training in the Temproom.
Temproom will make you sweat a lot because of the warm room temperature.


When i first saw the Temproom I am actually amazed,
i felt like "WOW" the party lights were very attractive
that it makes me want to groove & dance.
I don't actually dance, but i now think i'll consider.

Even if you are not a dancer, i promise you! the hidden dance talent in you
will definitely come out. I know because i've been there. *hahaha* (no joke)
You'll also not feel awkward while dancing
because it's dark & the loud music helps.

After dancing, we also tried the circuit training wherein we used some
props like drumsticks & dumbells. The circuit training is a bit hard for me but i
think it is because i don't exercise often.

I haven't tried the boxing exercises yet but hopefully "soon".
Don't worry because i'll definitely share it with you guys because
this will not be my last post about IDR.


And for you to feel the groooveee!
Here's the actual video on what happened during our #IDRFitnessChallenge

PS: Please bear with me, this is my first VLOG together with my sister "Stacey Lee"


For more information/inquiries visit:

I would like to thank the owners of Interactive Dance Revolution
Ms. Nikka Gaspar & Sir Jake Nonog for inviting me.
I also like to thank the coaches for assisting us wholeheartedly.
Till our next visit! :)


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