Incoco 100% Real Nail Polish Appliques ( Insights +Water Test )

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Ever think how important grooming your nails?
Us girls love to groom our nails through manicure & pedicure
BUT there are some circumstances where we can't resist difficulties
such as "the waiting game" wherein you have to wait until the liquid nail
polish dry or else you'll get a smudge design inreturn. Another thing,
there are times when i feel like i want some nail art because my nails look pale
but time is gold & you have to forget about it because it will definitely take a lot of time.
I tried to use some nail stickers before but in just one day it fell off 
immediately & i really hate that you can feel the hard plastic sticker on your nails
because it is very uncomfortable. 


A few weeks ago, I went to the E! Bloggers Ball and saw the Incoco PH booth
wherein you can try the Incoco Nail Polish Strips/Appliques. At first, i was hesitant to try 
because i thought it was just a regular nail stickers. I let my sister try incoco first
and WOW! it looks really great plus i found out that it is made of 100% nail polish.
Real Quick! In less than 5 minutes you'll get the nail polish design that you want.


Wondering how to apply the Incoco nail appliques?
It's super easy no need for tools like scissors or anything.
So first, I'll show you the "before" photo of my ring finger.

This is what a gel polish looks like after two weeks *haha* 

Please bear with my nails
BUT you have to wait & see how Incoco makes my ring finger look beautifully glam.

Now, I'll be using this Incoco cross-striped design.


Let's Start?
First you have to remove the clear cover.

Select the size nail polish strips that best fit your nails. 
Then remove the clear covering, which helps seal and 
protect the strips since they are made of 100% real nail polish.


After removing the clear cover,
Remove the nail polish strip.

Gently peel the nail applique from its paper backing by pulling on the silver tab.


Select end & remove the silver tab to use the other side
 of the double-ended nail appliqués, carefully break away the silver tab.

Apply to nail & gently stretch to fit.

Place and smooth the appliqué on your nail until it is wrinkle-free, 
and gently stretch for a perfect fit. 
To realign or resize, peel off the nail strips, reposition and re-apply.


And lastly, remove excess.
  Crease the nail polish strip over the tip of your nail, 
and remove the excess by filing in a downward motion.




From dull to glam!
Imagine, if you have an unexpected party to attend or even just a simple errands
you can now instantly make your nails look fashionably beautiful.
In just a few minutes you'll get the nail design that you want, may it be a
french manicure or any nail art designs. It also gives a perfect nail salon quality results
because it is an All-in-one nail polish appliques that includes base, top and color coats
for a perfect manicure.

Last but not the least, It is long lasting.
It can actually last up to 14 days.

Want some proof?
Here's the water test that i tried to show you guys that it will not be
easily removed not unless you'll use some nail polish remover.

Watch the video below:

Now you can finally say goodbye to the mess of liquid nail polish.
Thanks to Incoco PH! <3

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