Chilicious (Homemade Chili Garlic Sauce) Review

Monday, November 13, 2017


Honestly, i am not a fan of spicy food. 
I dunno? maybe because i have a low spicy food tolerance but lately, 
it's weird but i love adding chili pepper on fish sauce or soysauce 
which is really perfect for fried dishes & even with some hot served soup.

Good thing that a friend of mine created this homemade chili garlic sauce.


It comes with two flavors, the original flavor & super spicy flavor.




The packaging looks like a typical glass sauce container but
what makes it special is the vibrant color of the design & logo of chilicious.
What i also love is when you closed the container cap, the oil/sauce doesn't leak.

Original Flavor



Super Spicy Flavor



Chilicious is 100% natural & no preservatives added which is
perfect for health conscious people.

The original & super spicy flavor both taste good
 but i love super spicy flavor more.

Although it is a lot spicier than the original flavor, 
there's a little sweet taste that balances everything.
I also love that it doesn't burn my taste buds which makes me
appreciate the real good taste of chili-garlic sauce.

Chilicious is not only a perfect sauce for your favorite dishes,
you can even add it on top of the rice because
it is really flavorful.

It also smells appetizingly good which makes you crave to eat more.

Overall, i enjoyed eating my favorite fried dishes together with Chilicious!
I guess i need to skip my diet again until i finish these two bottles of chilicious.
Is it worth to buy? Yes it is! you have to try it & experience the real chili-garlic sauce.
This might be the sauce that you have been looking for so long.

Chilicious is also open for resellers.

For orders/inquiries, feel free to message the woman behind Chilicious.
Mobile: +639972471023

Follow @chiliciouschiligarlic on instagram

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  1. I super love everything spicy and nice! This is a must try!