Megan Young as the new brand ambassador of Colour Collection + Preview of High Definition Iconic Matte Lipsticks

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Colour Collection

Last Friday, I received a Colour Collection package from Tupperware Brands Phils.
Are you excited to open?
 I myself were very thrilled to know what's inside!

But before that, 
Let's get to know first the new brand ambassador of  Colour Collection.
It's Megan Young, Ms. World 2013.

Find out why Megan Young loves Colour Collection by watching the video below:

Let's start it off with the base,
We have the Colour Collection BB Cream Whitening &
Colour Collection Vitamin E Pressed Powder with SPF 15.

Colour Collection BB Cream Whitening

Colour Collection

It is an all-in-1 Beauty Balm that contains the whitening ingredients of 
Glutathione and Arbutin to make skin radiantly 
fairer and smoother with every use.

8 Whitening Skin Benefits

Whitens & Brightens Skin
Protect skin from UV damage
Helps heal acne blemishes
Softens and hydrates dry skin
Covers imperfections
Reduces pigmentation
Aids in improving skin elasticity
Helps block pollutants

SRP: P599.00

Colour Collection Vitamin E Pressed Powder (SPF15)

Colour Collection

Smooth, oil-absorbing pressed powder formulated with Vitamin E, 
moisturizers and SPF 15. It also leaves a velvetly matte finish.

5-in-1 Skin Benefits

Controls oil and shine
Smoothens skin with Vitamin E
Provides naturally flawless coverage
Makes foundation last longer
Helps protect the skin from the sun's damaging UV rays.

Next is the Colour Collection All Day Wear Lengthening Mascara Waterproof & 
Colour Collection All Day Wear Brow Mascara.

SRP: P375.00

Colour Collection 
All Day Wear Lengthening Mascara Waterproof

Colour Collection

Colour Collection

A waterproof mascara that lengthens and defines your eyelashes for an all day beautiful look.

SRP: P399.00

Colour Collection All Day Wear Brow Mascara

Colour Collection

Colour Collection

The All Day Wear Brow Mascara is a quick drying Eyebrow Mascara
 that creates manicured and styled brows that is beautiful and defined that last all day. 
With a mini brush for easy application to coat each hair strands evenly.

SRP: P399.00

Last is the Colour Collection Lipstick line.
We have the Collagen Lipsticks & their new product, the HD Iconic Matte Lipsticks.

Colour Collection Collagen Lipstick

Colour Collection

Colour Collection Collagen is a moisturizing and anti-ageing lipstick that helps improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Infused with collagen, that promotes elasticity and suppleness for fuller and youthful looking lips.

Sweet Cocoa

SRP: P350.00 (per piece)

Colour Collection High Definition Iconic Matte Lipstick

Colour Collection

These lipsticks are specially formulated to give moisture-rich, vibrant and high definition lips.
It gives a smooth lip color that glides right on and stays in place with a silky matte finish that never feels dry.

It Girl
Beauty Queen
Runway Ready
Vintage Glam

SRP: P399.00

Guess what? The Tupperware Brands Philippines facebook page has an ongoing promo
 that you guys can join to get a chance to win a special Colour Collection make-up package.

Join Now!

For more details about Colour Collection & Tupperware Brands Philippines

Follow them:
Instagram: @tupperwarebrandsph
Twitter: @tupperbrandsph

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